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Get Rid of Ants

Ants are incredibly complex and intelligent creatures. Worker ants comprise a relatively small percentage of the workers in an ant colony. In fact, the foraging ants you see outside typically represent less than 10% of the colony. This is why just eliminating the ants you see in front of you is not enough to destroy the colony!

Ants build their homes in the deep cracks and crevices of walls, making it extremely difficult to eradicate them. They are attracted to food scents and are highly efficient in their forage for food. Once food sources are identified, a colony of ants will surround the area quickly. Ants carry bacteria and can contaminate our food. This potential health risk can be avoided when we manage the infestation and prevent reoccurrence. How to get rid of ants? Rentokil Singapore provides professional ant control for both indoor and outdoor areas. Its treatments are targeted to specific species, thus ensuring a fast and effective solution to eliminate ants in your premise.

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