Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug Bites

Rentokil Singapore provides professional bed bug control and bed bug treatment for your home and business. Bed bugs may be sneaky and silent; however, their bites leave red and itchy bumps that cause much distress. Bed bugs feed on human blood and are often found near beds, furniture and curtain drapes. Our homes, hotels, childcare and healthcare facilities are at risk of bed bug infestations.

Unfortunately, an infestation can happen quickly as an adult female bed bug lays an average of 5 eggs per day. If left uncontrolled, an infestation can be costly, stressful and time-consuming. For businesses, an infestation can impact a company’s reputation.

Rentokil’s environmentally-friendly and safe bed bug treatments provide you with a peace of mind. Treatment options may include residual spraying and steam treatment that target bed bugs in all its life stages including adult bed bugs, larvae and eggs. Our pest control technicians are highly trained to detect early signs of bed bugs, eliminate infestations and prevent reoccurrences.

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