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Fleas and Ticks

Interesting Facts

  • Fleas

    • Female flea can lay around 2,000 eggs in her lifetime.
    • In almost all flea species, the females are larger than the males.
    • Female fleas can lay 4-8 eggs after each blood meal.
    • Adult fleas can jump about 6" vertically.

  • Ticks

    • Adult ticks can survive up to 8 months without food or water.
    • When a tick found a feeding spot, it grasps the skin, cuts into the surface and then inserts its feeding tube into the skin.
    • A single tick can consume 0.6 mL of blood or more.

Flea and Tick Species & Guides

Rentokil’s Flea/Tick Treatments

Although fleas do not have wings, they have incredibly powerful elongated legs that allow them to jump long distances and move easily between you and your pets. A successful flea control requires treatment for both your property and pets, if you have them.

At Rentokil, we offer safe and effective treatments for your home or business to ensure complete control of your infestation. For more information, talk to our pest experts at (65) 6347 8138 for your home or business premise.