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How to get rid of flies in your food business

Fly infestation can happen anywhere in your food business

Did you know? Just within an enclosed and contained premise like a restaurant or café, there are more than 7 key risk areas harboring more than 6 pests?.

Besides Rodents, Flies for instance, is a key and common pest found in almost all the key risk areas. Food safety begins right at where the food is stored and kept. Be sure to have all food well stored and sealed, and maintain diligent housekeeping to avoid food and water source for flies to breed. Food preparation within the kitchen plays a big role in risking the potential of pest infestation, such as flies. For example, fruit fly feeds on fruits, vegetables and fermented liquid, while house fly feeds on human food, garbage and excrement. These are common ingredients or leftovers found in the kitchen. The worst scenario is to spot presence of flies within the serving or dining area.

Flies, known as disease-transmission pest can transmit diseases such as Salmonellosis, polio, dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. They harbor more than 100 different pathogenic organisms and potentially can place diners at health and food consumption safety risks.

Disposal or garbage area should not be neglected at all times. This is because, flies are attracted to fermenting residue, unclean drains, decaying or garbage matters. If the lid is uncovered, not emptied or kept clean, flies could potentially breed and fly in to the food preparation and serving areas.

The big question lies in on how to get rid of flies effectively? Professional pest control solutions include the use of fly trap to effectively put a fly infestation under control. The use of UV light in the insect fly trap attracts these flies and traps them on a sticky surface. A suitable fly trap size must be used accordingly to the area size of your premise for the best fly pest coverage. To ensure a fly trap is aesthetically manageable and matches the aesthetics of a café or F&B business, glue boards can be discreetly hidden as well in a fly trap unit.

Fly control is imperative and vital in a food & beverage business pest control needs. Food safety is top priority and food businesses are required to meet regulatory compliance. A professional pest control service for fly traps include regular servicing required for maintenance. A stringent pest control in food business also requires the tracking and analysis of the fly catch rate to ensure that a fly infestation does not gain a foothold in critical areas.

All food establishments are required to undergo stringent food regulation compliance otherwise penalty including demerit points, financial penalty or business closure may be imposed on business owners. These damages can be minimised and avoided with adequate pest control measures and housekeeping habits cultivated.

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10 Things on How to Get Rid of Flies in the Restaurant

  1. Find any presence of larvae and pupae in potential places such as garbage/waste disposal area, dirty drains, sewage, decaying matter
    1. Resting place in day time: walls, ceilings, interior surfaces, garbage cans
    2. Resting place in night time: ceilings, cords and electric wire
  2. Keep outside areas clean and odour-free as odours attract flies.
  3. Wash and empty garbin bin regulaly, and keep lid closed at all times.
  4. Store all food supplies in airtight containers or refrigerator. Do not leave fruits, vegetables or fermented liquid lying in the open.
  5. Keep door closed at all times. (Flies might enter from outdoor)
  6. Do not leave pails of water with food particles lying around after mop. (Empty, wash and keep dry immediately)
  7. Keep place clean and dry at all times. Ensure adequate sanitation is in place to provide food and waster source for flies to breed. Instance, keep drains clean and free from debris to reduce breeding sites.
  8. Install a mesh or flyscreen on the windows especially around kitchen and waste area.
  9. Place regularly clean and sanitsied floor mats to avoid build-up of grease.
  10. Fly Control: Install Insect Light Fly Trap and pesticide application to control and reduce the number of flies effectively.

Find out more on our Fly Pest Control Solutions to help keep flies infestation at bay. Visit www.rentokil.com.sg or call +6563478138 for more information.