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Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT)

CAT is an advanced fumigation technique which is particularly useful for the control of insects found in sensitive, unique or high-value objects. The shape of the enclosure is customized to suit the treated objects. The material of the enclosure or “bubble”, is a specialized film which restricts the movement of gas across the film.

CAT’s value lies in the fact that it will stop the pest infestation without causing any undesirable chemical reactions with the treated object. This is accomplished using nitrogen, a gas which is commonly found in the earth’s surrounding atmosphere. Nitrogen is also unreactive. Nitrogen is the predominant gas within the sealed CAT “bubble” since oxygen is purposely purged from within the bubble. Over the extended period of the treatment, the pests within the treated objects, are virtually suffocated.

CAT, as used in Singapore, is the preferred technique amongst the museum community for the treatment of valuable historical artefacts. Our fumigators are licensed professionals backed with extensive experience to conduct fumigation services in effective and safe manner. Contact us to find out more.