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Types of Fumigants

The deployment of each fumigant is site specific due to the different properties and behaviour of each gas. There are 2 common registered fumigants used in Singapore, namely Phosphine Gas and Methyl Bromide.

  • Phosphine Gas (Magnesium Phosphide and Aluminium Phosphide) — is a common fumigant used to control stored product insects. Besides treating infested grains, cereals and flours, it is also the preferred fumigant to eliminate insects that infest tobacco leaves in storage such as cigarette beetle (Lasioderma serricorne).

  • Methyl Bromide — The quick kill and deep penetration properties of Methyl Bromide into commodities have given this gas a priority over other fumigants in quarantine services. However, this fumigant is restricted to quarantine pre shipment service and is under the Critical Use Exemption (CUE) due to the controlled use of Methyl Bromide.

Why Rentokil?

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