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Grain Beetle FAQ

  • What are the signs of grain beetles infestation?

    Common signs of stored product insects (SPI) may include finding damage, adult insects such as weevils, floury dust, infected grains and moulded goods.

  • How to get rid of stored product insect in my home?

    Infestations in your home can be controlled by removing and sealing all sources of the infestation. Remove food crumbs that may have accumulated inside or under the cupboard, shelves, cracks and crevices.

  • How to get rid of stored product insect in my business?

    A professional SPI control service is the most effective solutions against SPI infestation.

  • Do I need to dispose of any food that has insects?

    Yes. In order to control SPI, the infested food must be removed or destroyed in a manner that the infestation will not further disperse or treated in a way that presents no hazards in its end use.

  • What species of Stored Product Insects are there in Singapore?

    There are several species of SPIs found which are

    Lesser Grain Borer
    Drugstore Beetle (also known as Biscuit Beetle)
    Cigarette Beetle
    Rust Red Grain Beetle
    Saw Toothed Grain Beetle
    Khapra Beetle
    Copra Beetle (also known as Red legged Ham Beetle)
    Granary Weevil
    Rice Weevil
    Flour Beetle