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Home check programme

Pests occur in home anytime of the year, and may be present for a long time. Frustrations are usually the challenge of spotting the breeding source and we spend time just removing physical pests crawling around your home. The nightmare kicks in when it becomes a recurring problem.

Importance of early detection

Pest signs and symptoms usually start small and often go unnoticed. For instance, we may not notice the cockroach urine smell, or the tiny black droppings on the surfaces. Worst of all, pests are intelligent in hiding well at hard to reach spaces and corners, making observations more difficult. In addition, these early signs will escalate to a bigger problem if they left untreated.

Understanding pest risks

Do you know cockroaches can cause food contamination and potential allergies? Ants, such as carpenter ants may damage your furniture and structure and mosquitoes, where we are all familiar with, are deadly pests that causes dengue fever. Pest risks can happen on the health and safety of your finally, impacts home condition and structure and ability to spread from location to location.

Benefits of a home check programme

Protect your family with a cleaner and safer home to live in.

Discover potential pest issues in a faster and efficient manner.

Hassle free and a better control of a pest problem.

Get a peace of mind by finding out any underlying pest issue.

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