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The best way to get rid of flies in industrial and manufacturing

Most industrial and manufacturing plants cater food for its huge number of production workers and employees. This means, the health and safety of these employees are at stake if the hygiene standards and food safety are not met in optimal and adequate manner.

Imposing health risks could also mean implicating the productivity of the businesses, impacting on work day lost or reimbursement cost. These risks and business financial impact can be avoided and well managed with stringent food safety and hygiene quality control in place. A fly infestation could possibly be a common threat faced by this sector. What is the best way to get rid of flies for an industrial and manufacturing business?

The Genus Spectra fly trap is designed to support large scale environment such as Industrial and Manufacturing plants better manage their fly infestation risks better. The unique bulb configuration means a faster catch rate or in other words, reduces the flying inspection population quickly. The coverage area could extend to 80m² to 160m², which means assuring a maximum attraction with wider catch rate. As a specialist in the pest control industry with more than 50 years of brand history, we understand regulatory compliance and audits are critical. The fly trap units are full HACCP complied. While the solutions are quick and convenient to install and maintain or service, we also pay attention to little details to bring more value to customers. The Genus Spectra fly trap operates in a silent and discreet manner, and helps prevent disturbance or disruptions to the production and 10% energy savings means, being more cost effective and environmental-friendly.

Our team of specialist is trained to give professional recommendation in terms of the number of fly trap units required, and strategic locations to place them for effective catch rate. Reporting and trend analysis are also available to help monitor the flies population diligently, and facilitate in your audit and compliance inspections for a smooth operation. Be fly -free today, having a comprehensive professional fly control in place is the best way to get rid of flies.

Managing a large scale kitchen and canteen in the industrial and manufacturing sector can be challenging, Rentokil Pest Control can help to alleviate your hassles and meet your business needs. Find out more on our Fly Control Solutions to help keep fly infestation at bay. Visit or call +6563478138 for more information.