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Lumnia Compact Colour

Lumnia Compact Colour – the latest addition to Rentokil’s fly-control range – is one of the most energy-efficient insect light traps on the market.

Currently available in silver, the newest additions to launch are Lumnia Compact in black, blue, red and champagne to easily complement your brand and interior décor.

Optimised for attraction and catch-rate

Lumnia colour range fly control singapore

Product specifications

W 550mm, H 240mm, D 155mm

3.3kg (Boxed)
2.1kg (Unit including lamps, glue boards and cable)

Coverage area
37 square meter

Key feature highlight

Manufactured With Environmental Impact In Mind Lumnia’s efficient design and low-impact LED technology means it has a lower carbon footprint.

The low-energy LED lamps have a three-year life span and use less energy than a standard fly-killer. The units have several energy modes, which reduces their energy consumption and the impact on the environment.

Fly control singapore

Key benefit highlight

Save On Energy Usage With LED Directional Light Emission Developed with proven innovative LED technology, each unit is designed to attract and eliminate insect pests hygienically, preventing the risk of contamination.

Because our Lumnia units run on LED directional light emission, customers save an average of 61% of energy compared to equivalent units in the market.

Fly control singapore

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Why Rentokil? At Rentokil, we create innovative pest-control solutions that detect, capture or eliminate pests safely and hygienically. Our team of experts will assess your business and facilities to ensure that your Lumnia device is customised to meet your specific fly-control requirements.

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