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Lumnia Slim

Lumnia Slim is a highly effective, stylish and discreet electric fly catcher that has been designed for use in front-of-house locations, cafes, bars, restaurants and reception areas. With its modern and sleek design, Lumnia Slim is an innovative LED fly trap that complements a modern environment and enhances your business’s reputation.

Lumnia Slim features a powerful 10W LED fly trap that attracts flying insects, while consuming a very low amount of energy. It traps the insects with a discreet glueboard that covers the insects and prevents insect fragments from being blown out of the unit.

Lumnia slim is available in white and black colours to complement your brand and interior design. Fly infestations pose a health risk and can be highly disruptive to a business if left uncontained. Rentokil Lumnia range includes Lumnia compact and Lumnia compact colour to fit all your requirements.  

Lumnia Slim White

Key features and benefits

  • Attracts, kills and encapsulates insects hygienically
  • Long lasting LED technology that offers significant energy savings
  • Ideal for cafes, bars, restaurants and reception areas with its slim and discreet design
  • Attracts flying insects from a greater distance away
  • Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly
  • Consumes a very low amount of energy
  • With an effective glueboard that discreetly covers the insects and prevents unhygienic insect fragments from being blown out of the unit
  • No pesticide used
  • Can be wall mounted or installed on a flat surface
  • Peace of mind - Fulfils legal, health and safety requirements
  • Quick servicing with minimal disruption to your business
  • Complies with legal, health and safety requirements
  • With its compact size, it can be used even in tight spaces
  • Features a sleek and stylish design that complements your brand and interior colour schemes

Lumnia Slim Black

Product Specifications

W553 mm, H188 mm, D71.8 mm

1.04 Kg (Boxed)
2.13 kg (Unit including lamps, cable and glue boards)

Coverage area

White and black

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