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Rentokil Initial Singapore has more than 300 technicians island wide. Our pest control services pride on the localized expertise of our technicians. All of our service technicians are NEA certified pest management professionals that have gone through our technical training programme.

Pest control in Singapore has since changed its landscape with customers looking for more environmental-friendly and innovative solutions. At the same time, today’s technology aids in a more efficient, time and cost savings techniques. Pests in today’s context are being studied by our trained in-house biologists to understand and in order to give the correct and best pest control Singapore professional treatments. Rentokil Singapore pest control ensures that we leverage on our knowledge and expertise to value add our customers.

Rentokil has been in the Singapore pest control services for more than 50 years. With a rich experience in our leading pest management and brand history, Rentokil is committed to ensure adequate protection for your commercial and residential pest control needs.

We would like to recognize the efforts of our key technicians as lauded by our customers. All of our technicians have made the best pest management possible with their dedicated hard work! If you are looking for a reliable pest control Singapore review, read the below testimonials from our customers today!

Abdul Hamid Pest Control Technician Service Review

"Abdul Hamid delivers excellence in his services. We like Rentokil Singapore pest control services."

Rating 8/10

Mr Heng - Residential Customer

16 September 2016

Neo Hwee Hian Pest Control Technician Service Review

"We are satisfied with Neo Hwee Hian for his dedicated services being done at our home premises."

Rating 7/10

Mrs Su - Residential Customer

05 October 2016

Bakadool Pest Control Technician Service Review

"We have engaged Rentokil Singapore for more than ten years. We are satisfied with the pest control services done by Bakadool."

Rating 8/10

Mr Aw - Food and Beverage Customer

08 November 2016

Mehad Pest Control Technician Service Review

"I am happy with Mehad’s pest control services with Rentokil Singapore."

Rating 9/10

Mrs Yan - Residential Customer

22 April 2016

Aaron Pest Control Technician Service Review

"Aaron and Norhaizat both are hard working and helpful to meet our pest management requirements."

Rating 10/10

Mr Jamal - Educational Industry

28 August 2016

Hairuddin Pest Control Technician Service Review

"Hairuddin is friendly, sincere and professional. He responded quickly to do the rodents treatment and did a prompt follow up."

Rating 8/10

Ms Bridget Chen - Food and Beverage Customer

15 January 2016

Expert Pest Control Services in Singapore

Our expert local team provide pest control services throughout Singapore on pest such as termites, bedbugs, ants, fleas, cockroaches and many more.

We provide quick and effective pest control solutions, conducted by local technicians so you can trust the assurance from the Rentokil brand.

Commercial Pest Control in Singapore

Rentokil Singapore provide commercial pest control solutions for the food industry throughout the country. We work closely with businesses in food processing, restaurants, supermarkets & hotels.

Expert protection for local businesses

We also provide pest control to a number of offices, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, schools and building and construction sites.

Termite control solutions for your home and business in Singapore

Termites are a threat to homes and businesses across Singapore. As we live in such a high-risk termite area, we have a great amount of experience in termite protection and treatment, including termite control, inspections and monitoring.

Bed Bugs treatment in Singapore

Bed bug infestations are generally at higher risk in public accommodations where people lounge, sleep or sit such as hotels and cinema, it not unusual to find them at your home. We answer the most frequent questions about bed bugs and we can help you prevent a bed bug problem from happening.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Effective bed bug services for the removal of bed bugs

For more information on our pest control services call us today on +6563478138 or fill out a contact form.

Cockroach Control in Singapore

Cockroaches are well known for spreading disease. A quick response is imperative at the very first to control cockroaches in your home and to prevent the spread to your neighbours.