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Are you afraid of mosquitoes? Humans are afraid of mosquitoes mainly because they do not want to result in getting sick from mosquito bites. Most commonly found in Singapore, the Aedes mosquito is a carrier of the dengue virus. The dengue virus is able to cause dengue fever when an infected Aedes mosquito bites a person. The virus is then passed on to the person during a blood meal, which only female mosquitoes require to reproduce and lay its eggs.

Why should you keep protecting yourself from mosquitoes? When you reduce the chance of getting mosquito bites, you greatly reduce the chance to get dengue. Do not be slack against mosquitoes. Keep in mind that mosquitoes breed and thrive in our local tropical climate very well, with peak season happening from April to June.

If you are unsure of the mosquito checklist, here are some easy tips:

For indoor mosquito control, take care of breeding risks such as removing stagnant water found in plant pots and water pails. Adopt good housekeeping habits to change water in vases regularly, adding larvicide. Install window screens and place a mosquito trap to catch adult flying mosquitoes.

For outdoor mosquito control, take care of roof gutters, water bodies and hold regular inspection for breeding sites. Place an outdoor trap in large catch area such as the garden. Use water-based fogging services.

To prevent dengue, we have to first get rid of mosquitoes. Rentokil has over 50 years of experience in protecting families and businesses from pests in Singapore.

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  • Mosquitoes existed since the dinosaur era which was 400 million years ago.

  • They are found close to still water, where their larvae feed and develop. They can breed at the edge of running water.

  • They seem to be attracted to dark colours. They have poor vision and are attracted to high contrast.

  • Mosquitoes will normally bite you at dawn or dusk – mostly nocturnal. That’s when their internal clocks tell them it is feeding time. Aedes are diurnal, but biting peaks at twilight.

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to heat and they find lactic acid alluring thus would tend to bite people who had just exercised. Mosquito are attracted by carbon dioxide at long range. They are only attracted to lactic acid when they go near the source,of carbon dioxide, then they use visual cues to land and bite

How does mosquito infestation affect your home and business?

  • Trust – immediate impact on employees’ trust.
  • Damage – serious damage to your health and hygiene reputation.
  • Cost – Loss of business opportunities when customers shared negative reviews on your business

Are you worried about mosquitoes? You should protect against dengue today. Let us recommend a way to get them buzz off. We have professional mosquito removal by trained and certified specialists, using safe and advance solutions, our award-winning pest control services have over 50 years of experience.

Rentokil provides safe, reliable and effective mosquito extermination by our highly trained specialists. Call us at (65) 63478138 and we can provide diagnosis and customized treatments for homes, buildings and businesses. Alternatively you can contact us here to book an appointment.

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