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You could be neglecting indoor mosquito control

Did you know? You could be placing yourself with outdoor mosquito infestation risks. Mosquito breeding opportunities with presence of stagnant water can be established through various sources:

  • Discarded receptacles
  • Closed perimeter drains
  • Gully traps
  • Roof gutters
  • Toilet bowls
  • Potted Plants and trays, ornamental containers
  • Containers and pails
  • Puddles of water as small as 20 cents coin

Adult mosquito infestation can come through numerous open sources

  • Travel from various locations (they can fly a few kilometers)
  • Transferred from neighboring sites
  • Attracted to exhaled carbon dioxide
  • Body warmth, heat and sweat (people whom have just exercised)
  • Full grown adult mosquitoes from larvae stage

However, indoor mosquito control is often neglected

Mosquito breeding risks come from potted plants, trays and ornamental containers; toilet bowls containers and pails or adult mosquito entry via balcony, windows, doors and ventilators.

It is important to protect your health and safety with Rentokil Mosquito Protection Program, covering both indoor and outdoor protection and eliminating both mosquito breeding and adult mosquitoes population. Let’s do our part to help stop the dengue and Zika viruses in Singapore today.

Rentokil Singapore offers various solutions covering from basic to enhanced mosquito control. To know which solution suits your environment best, our specialists are just a call away, at 6347 8138 or email us now.