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Diner Demands Are Rising In Food Hygiene

As the standard of living rises, consumers’ demands and expectations are also growing simultaneously. The competition among food businesses are evolving and becoming more intense.  With more than 10,000 food businesses established in Singapore, and the increasing entries of these businesses year on year, diners are definitely spoilt for choice in deciding which restaurant to patronise. As such, critics would be harsher, covering a wider spectrum or attributes.

For instance, besides selecting restaurants with good taste quality, chef reputation, menu range, exquisite food design, the ambiance and décor of the place, customer service rendered by the crew and more importantly the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the restaurant.

There are incidences where presence of flies is found in the soup served, or reported food contamination cases among diners. Besides managing with medical or business compliance issues, resolving customers’ grievance and complaints forms a big business disruption to restaurant owners.

However, the bigger hassle faced among these food establishment is reputation and social media risks. With technology and trend in engaging social media to express likes and dislikes, it has become a common platform to feedback positive reviews or critic negative experience.  Managing PR Crisis, amidst resolving pest issues can be stressful. Particularly winning the trust and confidence back from these customers to patronise the restaurant again can prove to be a daunting challenge.

A simple fly trap can be the solution to your fly control needs. Getting rid of flies with an effective and professional fly trap in place is a no frills and cost- effective fly pest control method.

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