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6 Common Misconceptions of Pest Control

It could be negative or bad experience in past engagement or attempts to resolve your home pest issues. We end up building wrong impression or conclude the wrong vibes of pest control.

We have prepared a list of useful information when it comes to pest control:

Here are some common misconceptions judged around pest control.

Pest Control are costly and waste of money

Do you often hear your family, friends or colleagues complaining about spending too much money on pest control that never works? Pest control solutions can be a waste of investment if the solutions are not targeting at the root cause and resolving the breeding source. Very often, solutions are aim at offering short term visible quick fix. While we see instant or speedy tangible results, the effectiveness does not last. Pest control is an integration of quality pest solutions, diligent housekeeping and sanitation habits and awareness of pest habitats.

Off-the-shelve solutions work as well

Conveniently, off the shelve sprays and pesticides are easily available, however, home owners may be dependent on instruction labels and application method may not be adequate, correct or proper. For instance, for Bed bug treatment, there is a required 3 times frequency interval to apply, and best to complement with steam treatment. Chemical quality, application area, dosage and dilution rate may not be adequate for proper pest control that delivers efficacy.

Prices are overly charge for simple job done

There is a lot more work and responsibility bear by these pest control experts. Their job is not about spraying chemicals, or placing baits at some parts of the home and call it a day. They are trained to detect and identify potential risk signs, recommend useful proofing and home tips and educate danger and harm to be aware off. A proper pest management requires long term communication, inspection and monitoring. There should be an on-going partnership.

Chemicals applied are toxic and dangerous

Credible pest control specialist should embrace health and safety as their top priority. The applicators have to undergo sufficient training and certification to carry out solutions that takes care of the safety of the public. There are guidelines and checklist for customers that covers both pre and post pest control engagement to assure optimal safety, for instance, home owners should keep or cover all food sensitive items in the kitchens or evacuate the premise. Some chemicals are also selected because of its low-toxicity or environmentally-friendly nature to enhance safety assurance.

Treatments are not effective and guaranteed

Regular complaints are always around “not effective” and “it will come back again”. Effective pest management is not just about engaging a time-off treatment, but a long term protection and good partnership between the home owners and pest experts. Because of our daily activities and lifestyle at home that may attract pests, it is important to supplement good quality pest treatments with diligent home maintenance. Quality of chemicals, frequency and scope of coverage and areas applied matters as well.

Pest Control is only for the serious case

Contrary to belief, pest solutions should not be seeking only when the problem gets out of control. In fact, early prevention and protection as a line of defense helps to prevent damages and risks from turning serious, such as damaged walls or furniture, health issues such as food poisoning, allergy, diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery or itchy red bumps. Cockroaches, termites and bed bugs are some pests that may accelerate quickly and cause severe damages. Find out the Top 6 House Pests here.

Pest Control is only for the serious case

Early signs are small and less visible, but really should not be neglected. It is not the easiest to spot unless by the experts. An early detection of a pest infestation is crucial to identify the right treatment. Contact an expert in pest control to resolve your pest concern today.

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