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Are you at risk of Dengue and Zika?

Singapore is now entering its dengue peak season with the expected forecast for the number of cases exceeding 200 in a week. This is an alarming rise in cases with the upward trend. In the year 2016, the number of dengue cases has even reached 10,000.  

Good-to-know for homeowners: A $200 fine by the Singapore authorities would be imposed to homeowners found to have breeding mosquitoes. This is in view of the majority of mosquito breeding sites being found in residential homes. 

Some of the current dengue top hotspots are (as of August 2016):

  • Tampines
  • Yishun Ave 4
  • AMK Ave 10
  • Bedok Reservoir Road

In late August 2016, Singapore reports its first Zika virus outbreak with more than 100 confirmed cases of locally transmitted Zika starting in the Aljunied Crescent cluster.

It is important for home owners to be aware of the latest dengue and Zika areas that could be happening right in your own neighbourhood. Extra mosquito control measures must be taken in these areas with dengue and Zika virus risks. It is but a community effort to win our fight against the dengue and Zika virus carried and spread by the Aedes mosquito. 

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In fact, residents could potentially create these risks through indoor mosquito breeding activities.

Did you know? Many of the mosquito breeding sites are found in residential homes such as in domestic containers, flower pot plates and trays. The local environmental authority has called for extra vigilance from homeowners and to further step up on enhanced mosquito control.


Here are some quick tips to identify Aedes Mosquitoes in your home

  • Have black and white marking on their bodies and legs
  • Breed in clean water, often in man-made containers
  • Bite more at dawn and dusk
  • Attracted to dark colours
  • Carrier of both the Dengue and Zika viruses


Zika virus in Singapore: What you need to know