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Do cockroach baits and traps work?

It is being said that cockroaches have been on earth for 350 million years and have outlived dinosaurs, sabre-tooth tigers, and many other species. They are also capable to out-win the many baits and traps used by homeowners set to curb with the infestation in their homes.

Although homeowners are achieving some promising cockroach control results with baits and traps, it remains far from the results professional pest management services can offer. This perhaps explains why we still see cockroaches with their antennas peeking through those cracks, crevices and corners of the home every now and then.

Because of these reasons, cockroaches became a common top fear and phobia among people such as the following

So, what went wrong? How effective are baits and traps? In this article, we evaluate and unravel the reasons for poor cockroach control attempts and how these baits and traps may not do the trick all the time.



Baits and traps do work for certain situations such as a light infestation (where couple of cockroaches are occasionally appearing or isolated cases such as their presence are introduced into the home through cross-infestation means. With the absence of breeding sources where eggs are developing for reproduction, baits and traps can deliver some positive control if placed adequately and at the right location.

Concern factor: Because of its safety level considered for easy purchase among off-the-shelves platforms, and application-friendly methods for non-specilised and licensed individuals like us, dosage and type of active ingredient and luring attractants may not be efficient enough for optimal elimination control.


With basic pest control knowledge and understanding on cockroach facts and their habits, (thanks to the many expert tips shared on the internet), control and reach is less complicated for smaller spaces where a few key risk areas can be easily spotted to strategically place the baits and traps.

Concern factor: Control is not as simple when the location is wrongly identified or size of coverage overwhelms the control efforts delivered by the baits. The size of the premise (particularly in huge homes with garden and courtyard) and spread of infestation that does not just confine in common key risks areas such as kitchens and dining rooms. In this case, cockroach control requires residual spray instead of sticking plenty of baits around the home. Not only efficacy is compromised, aesthetics of the home can be affected as well.

Health hazards

Pesticides can be harmful, particularly to children and pets if ingested. Of course, it takes certain volume of poison ingestion to show symptoms of reaction, however, family’s safety should not be neglected with proper application and control management of baits and traps.

Concern factor: Professional pest control specialists will advise on pre-and post-treatment checklist such as sealing off food-sensitive and contact sensitive surfaces and an evacuation and ventilation of minimum 2 to 4 hours after treatment. Secured baits are also used to prevent mishandling and ingestion.

Time consideration

Attractants and baits lose their effectiveness and efficacy over time and regular replacements and alternation is required to prevent immunity-challenges and non-lasting effect. These methods require some form of training to decide what is the recommended replacement frequency and bait alternation cycle.

Concern factor: Environmental factors and home conditions play a part in its effectiveness. Dirt and dust accumulation over time and water and moisture spills over the baits and traps may lose its efficacy control quality.

Short-term effect

Probably the main critical reasons of using off-the-shelve cockroach baits is the short term control effect, largely serves as localised quick-fix solution while targeting at visible pest presence. This co-relates the tendency to stick baits at obvious or common locations while neglecting the root source, such as the breeding sites.

Concern factor: Cockroaches hide well at hard-to-spot spaces and only surface at night for food, which makes it harder for individuals to identify their harbourage locations. It explains why cockroach re-infestation occurs despite the diligent efforts in housekeeping and baits placements. These cockroaches just keep hiding and reproducing at their cosy corner!

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How a professional pest control company can help your pest problem?

To effectively address cockroach infestation at home, an effective combination of baits, traps, professional pest services and proper home maintenance is essential. Our pest control specialists may recommend a professional site survey in order to understand the infestation level, type of species and nature of the premise better.

We offer safe, responsive and affordable cockroach control for your home or business. Get in touch with Rentokil Singapore today at +6563478138 or via online platform to arrange a home inspection and site survey and explore a suitable solution for your needs.

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