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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: 8 Shocking Facts

Getting rid of bed bugs is never easy on your own. Not the least now when you know of these 8 shocking bed bug facts. Nothing rocket science, yet these pesky bed bug natures can make altogether your DIY bed bug control a very challenging one.  

#1 Female bed bugs lay eggs just after 3 days of mating.

#2 It requires only a couple of bugs to create a full blown infestation over a period of 6 months.

#3 Bed bugs can survive freezing temperatures, which is why they are challenging pests to be treated through DIY solutions especially when the eggs are not destroyed.

#4 They are smart in “hide and seek”. Flat-bodied and often out of sight in daytime, they hide very well in crevices, box springs, or curtain drape only to come out at night to seek meal while we are sleeping.  Bed bugs can sense carbon dioxide released from humans when we sleep.

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#5 Bed bugs have anesthetic effect when they bite us! Bed bugs bite when we are sleeping or even when we are awake. The bites are painless and we do not realise we have been bitten much less the home being infested!

They live by feeding on blood, each time sucking out blood for 10 minutes. One meal can last each bug about 3 days. Bed bugs consume 4 times their own body weight in less than 15 minutes!

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#6 Keeping your home clean doesn’t mean it will be pest-free. Bed bugs are easily transported and spread via cross-infestation (from people to people, or from luggages and furniture).  Be it in a dirty or clean environment.

#7 Bed bug common targets are humans rather than pets with fur, as humans have more exposed skin area for them to bite and feed. However, pets are also often bitten by ticks and fleas.

#8 Immature bed bugs, also known as nymphs, shed their skin 5 times before reaching maturity! This explains why you will notice shed skins on the bedsheets or sofa- a good indicator of bed bug infestation symptom.

With DIY solutions not only ineffective in getting rid of bed bugs, time and money are often wasted in carrying out such ‘home-made treatments’. Professional pest control in Singapore can better advice and treat a bed bug problem.

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