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How Do You Get Bed Bugs- The Unexpected Risks

In the years of experience dealing with bed bugs, many people have this common question- How do you get bed bugs and where do they come from?

We all know bed bug is a major culprit for transporting unwanted guests back to our home from a holiday. Labeled as the No 1 hitchhiker, there are scary news on how bed bug bites were gotten from a flight, and how tiny they are to be seen clinging on to our baggage and clothing. However, travelling should not solely be put to blame for causing these Bed Bug nightmares.

If you think by switching to staycations as local-getaway as a substitute will be bug-risk-safe, think again. Its cross-infestation nature makes it easy for bed bugs to be carried easily from people to people, place to place or item to item. This also means, so long as there is human or surface contact; there are risks of bringing these bugs home or to work.

Here is a list of useful information you need to know about bed bugs:

Bed Bugs are not attracted to dirt but human warmth

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not like the other common pests such as cockroaches or rats which are attracted to dirt and grime but human heat and warmth! Thus, it is a wide misconception that well-maintained and clean looking hotels and resorts are definitely safe. They need blood to survive (similar to female mosquitoes feeding on human blood for protein meal), and this is no wonder why the bedrooms, especially the sleeping area where human heat is vastly detected is the top risk area of bed bug activities.

Baggage tends to clutter at concierge reception

Who doesn’t like the extra service of having your baggage delivered to your room or enjoy the convenience of depositing them at the concierge while running some last minute errands? Think again. While you may take extra caution in your own baggage sanitation, we can’t quite guarantee for the others, especially if it’s made of fabric or material for bugs to stick on and hide within. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts in managing your baggage after every hotel stay.

How regular are beds cleaned and inspected?

Diligent housekeeping requires regular making of the room, including removing all bed linens and thorough vacuuming of the space. During the cleaning process, any potential bed bug signs may be spotted and raised to their pest control provider to prevent further damage or take early corrective measures. While housekeeping is scheduled, we could not leave to chances especially during the high occupancy peak periods, which staycations are largely spent on weekends or festive. Blind spots could be potentially left out, or breeding bugs are still hidden in some gaps and crevices or along the mattress seams. Learn to do the necessary checks when you arrive the room and do due diligence when you reach home to prevent placing you at risks of bed bug spread.

Learn tips for Hoteliers Housekeeping on How to Check for Bed Bugs here.

Bed Bug transfer risks are high at heavy traffic area

Lobby and Lounge are favorite common waiting area, be it waiting for people, transport and checking in or out of the hotel. With thousands of travelers coming from various part of the world, we can’t quite control the spread or cross-infestation from one another. Comfort arms chairs in the cosy and cool lounge are not spared as well. Besides attracted to human heat, these mighty bugs in fact can survive in freezing temperature. This also explains why there are incidences of bed bug encounter in cinemas despite the cold temperature, and the theatre seats are the no. 1 hiding and breeding area.

Just like traveling, staycation should not be treated lightly and the same Do’s and Don’ts before and after a trip checklist should be applied. There are many incidences where treatments do not work, or a re-infestation occurs. Always engage a specialist to help conduct a full home check to eliminate any risks or chances of a bed bug infestation and have your answer to the question on how do you get bed bugs?

Choose the right solution to your bed bug infestation

A bed bug infestation can be eliminated when you seek early treatment. Consult a pest control professional to detect an infestation and understand the bed bug control treatments available.

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