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What do pest control services actually do?

Have you dialed in to a local pest control company in Singapore and started with this conversation opening, and then… not knowing how else and what else to continue?This is very normal because not everyone knows about pest control and what a pest control services company actually does.

Usually when you have encountered a pest issue at home, you will be able to personally relate more to the pest control service company, especially when you have seen with your own eyes, the presence of live pests.

Yet, the breaking point for many people is, when they start to call a pest control services company, they already have an urgent pest problem which is causing them woes.

Some reasons why thIere may be a need o seek professional pest control services

On top of relating our urgent pest problem to the pest control services provider, we can give better and more useful information, and in the interim, to better manage our own expectations of what pest control services actually do.  

Pest identification

The first and most important step is pest identification. We know certain pest types look obvious, yet there are cases whereby many of them are unable to ascertain the pest identification correctly. Such as termites can be mistaken as ants; cockroach nymphs can be mistaken as bed bugs; and a biting pest like bird mites can be mistaken as bed bugs again. Booklice on walls can be mistaken as generally, worms.

To be helpful to your pest control services provider, you can tell them the signs of pests you have noticed such as did anyone in the home experienced bites? Are there droppings? Are there mud trails (to identify subterranean termite)? Is there an obvious musky smell (to identify cockroach infestation)?

A clear and large picture taken of the pest is definitely useful for your pest control expert to do their pest I.D. positively. We need to see and know everything that you see and know

Here are 2 interesting ways to identify a pest presence

Level of infestation

You can be honest with your pest control services provider, how worried are you exactly about the pest problem? Is the infestation a deep seated one, and are you seeing the pests such as cockroaches, even during day time? Termite damage can be dangerous as well, has the termite feeding been ongoing for months?

Besides providing the type and area of housing you are in, you can also tell them the spots at home where these pests are seen before at. They can be localised to one small area, a few rooms, or maybe the entire house.

It can be helpful to relate the state of pest infestation openly, to enable the pest control experts skillfully determine the next critical step of proposing a suitable treatment method.

Treatment method and price quoted

Treatment methods do vary on a case by case basis and no one package is deem as a ‘one size fits all’. A reliable pest control services company will carry out an on-site survey to determine the needs and wants of different users. He/she as the pest control expert; is able to give sound advices, recommendations and make improvements to alleviate all your worries about the current pest problem.

After which, a price quotation follows through, when a treatment method has been proposed.

To know more about pest control prices in Singapore, read here for more Pest Control Prices , it gives you a lot more practical tips to determine your price package.

Booking a treatment

When you have consider through your available options, you may start to book for a service to be carried out on a day agreed by both parties. The pest control services company will be there to help you to schedule an available slot. Remember, only a trained and certified pest control technician will come down to the premise to carry out the said treatment.

Although pest control schedules are definitely flexible, especially for a trusted company with a large base of technicians and large fleet of vans with equipment, you must also be prepared to take at least half a day off from work, or have someone at home to receive the pest control technician on the treatment day.

Relate your feedback

Are you happy or do you think more can be done after the pest control treatment is carried out? A pest control company is a service company. And providing services do not stop there when the treatment is completed. Be prepared to give your feedback to the company, to help them improve, grow and learn. A feedback can be a positive one too, and it definitely helps to make someone’s day!

A good way to learn about what a pest control service company actually gets around to is to read their online reviews. A service company with reviews means that they value their customers’ voices and they listen to what they say for changes and improvements.

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