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How do you get rid of ants in your kitchen?

One of the most common pest that is present in almost all household are ants. From the living room to the bedroom up to the kitchen, it is no surprise that you will suddenly discover a long line of ants looking for something to eat. These trail of ants usually goes from their nest to the parts of your house that has food sources, especially when it’s nearing rainy season. This is also because ants are seeking for a drier environment where they can nest. While some ants nest inside walls or woods that’s hard to be seen, there are also incidents where you will suddenly discover mounds of sands or clay - this is where they reside. But you have to be careful on identifying if what’s on your wall is an ant pit or a termite nest. You can check the difference between its appearance and composition to properly determine which pest is in your home.

How to get rid of ants in the kitchen

We have compiled the top 5 common questions and queries public raise on ants

Different types of ant species

Although they all look pretty much the same, ants actually have about 1000 species living worldwide. Here are some of the different types of ants that you may find crawling inside your homes:

  • Carpenter ants - they are called carpenters because they prefer to build colonies inside wood structures. Also, they are one of the largest ants in the world that measures about half an inch.
  • Fire Ants - they are known to have painful and venomous sting. If you suddenly felt an itching pain on your skin and found an ant, it’s most likely a fire or red ant. They are aggressive and stings quicker than other ants. They are naturally red and small.
  • Sugar Ants – As their name suggests, they have a liking for sweet food or sugar-based and usual hot spots are typically around dining or kitchen area. Good news is, they do not sting or bite but bad news is, they are a result of poor housekeeping and could contaminate your food preparations.

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How do you get rid of ants in the kitchen

Although they may seem hard to combat, ants are a little predictable. If you know what attracts them, it will be easier for you to prevent them from coming into your kitchen. Unlike other pests, ants do not naturally invade homes for no reason. Here are some reasons that triggers ants to your home.

Water and moisture

Water and moisture attracts ants especially at readily accessible water area in your home such as bathrooms, kitchens (where sinks are or water usage takes place) and even appliances such as kettles and drinking cups! Pharaoh ant is one of the common culprit. In fact, these water spills and puddles also encourage mosquito breeding if it remains stagnant. It is also not just an attractant to ants, but the other common pests found in homes including cockroaches.

Reminder: Remember to double check your drinking cups for any presence of floating ants before you consume!

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All types of food

It may have been perceived that ants love sweet foods but, actually, ants are attracted to a wide range of food types. This is one of the primary reasons why ants breed easily and challenging to control and tend to be present at any parts of your home. For example, they actually feed on other pests (both living and dead insects), fungus (especially growing from your plants or leaves) and even grease and lard.

Cleaning up your home, adopt proper food storage and waste disposal and as well as wiping surfaces from grease or moisture can help control ants’ infestation risks in your home. Don’t forget to take care of your plants well before they breed mold and fungus, which is also unhealthy for your family.

Unsealed garbage

Garbage bins is a common source for not just ants but other pests to rummage for their food supply, always ensure that bins are always closed and sealed, waste is disposed regularly, and avoid leaving them overnight. Undisposed waste also generates foul and odor after a period of non-disposal.

Reminder: If you are throwing leftover food in the bin, secure them in a bag so it will not be spilled or leaked.

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Common misperception in managing ants problem

Firstly, most will think that ants are trivial infestation matters and allowing them to continue infest is home is acceptable. Secondly, majority will rely on self-remedies by spraying directly on the ants or sticking multiple trap around the home. Thirdly, some will make use of repelling methods by placing spices, condiments, scents and other natural ingredients to deter them away. Finally, because both ants and termites have similarities, largely will identify wrongly, thus applying wrong pest control solutions on resolving them. It is best to leave pest identification in the hands of pest control professionals where they are equipped with tools and knowledge to identify correctly.

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Take pest control action as soon as possible

While applying some comment home deterrent remedies help in chasing ants away, but is really a temporary solution and for most home owners, suffering from recurring pest issues can be a hassle. Get professional help from a reliable pest control company in Singapore.

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