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Ways you can fail to get rid of ants

Your home is clean, spick and span. Why do you still have ants? Identify ways that you fail to get rid of ants completely. Let us help to identify these gaps!

Your home is very clean. Why do you still have ants at home?

Cracks and crevices on the walls, tiny holes or gaps around your structure, doors and windows kept open are possible entry points for ants. They find their way around your home, usually to the bathroom and kitchen to seek food and shelter through the trail of scent they leave behind.

Consistent pest control and housekeeping can keep ants away effectively

Lifestyle and habits can also draw ants into your home. Easily accessible leftovers in the sink, poorly cleaned kitchens and exposed trash are all prime targets that attract ants.

Ants may also enter your home unintentionally. For instance, ants can be brought from the outside. To name a few, they are grocery bags, or potted plants purchased from a retailer.

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Invisible to our eyes

Some unexpected hotspots that usually go unnoticed include the inside of cabinets, behind appliances, around air conditioning units, flower pots, balcony, wall edges and sink bases. Beyond these home spaces, wooden structure and trees are some less common hideouts we could have think of. For example, carpenter ants excavate wood for testing. No wonder we mistook them for termites!

Questions to ponder:

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You have done everything diligently. But you still experience ants’ infestation at home.

Appearances of a handful of ants every now may not call for alarm. DIY pest control such as deterrent methods, sprays, baits and gels can do the trick temporary.

When should we consider engaging professional ant control experts? Some factors to consider includes, spread and level of infestation (has the handful ants grown into a large pool from room to room), health symptoms appearing such as bites, allergies and food contamination, recurrence of ants’ presence or even any physical changes to the home.

Why do we have persistent ants infestation?

Besides ensuring good standard in cleanliness and maintaining regular housekeeping, home maintenance and integrity is another factor to look into to ensure ants do not enter. However, other possible reasons for persistent ants problem includes ineffective ants treatment that compromises efficacy, irregular ants control service, or treatment applied at the wrong area. Lastly, consistency and ongoing treatment and sanitation is essential to ensure continuous protection against ants’ infestation.

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