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Ways to Deal with the Cockroach that Got Away

That roach killer spray which costs only $7.20 from your local hardware store is probably your best bet to what kills cockroaches. Because not only it’s easy and convenient to use, one spray directly on that one brown little crawling insect would have done the job. But what if you are not fast enough and that cockroach got away? 

We have here some ways you may not have thought of that you could use at home to deal with that one stray cockroach that got away. These ways are probably the easiest, no-fuss and quickest ways to what kills that one stray cockroach you know it’s still crawling somewhere in the house.

Keeping your house high and dry

That is technically, more for the latter. And yes, it would be that simple because cold-blooded cockroach would not survive without water for more than a week! To make sure that unnecessary water do not stay in the house, get that plumber called in for all of that leaking pipes and sinks you have been procrastinating to do so. Not only it helps you to save more money in the long term without wasting precious water, you deny water access for that stray cockroach.

Doing a big clean up

This may seems like a usual everyday kind of routine activity for most home owners. But we are referring to the cleaning after a big cook out at home. Cooking especially deep frying and stir frying at home in the kitchen causes oil and grease to stick on the floor and wall tiles. While the floor is easy to wipe clean using a mop and detergent, if you realise, usually the walls are neglected. The layers of oil accumulating could get only thicker. Therefore, even if you keep the whole house clean without ever leaving behind food crumbs on tables, your kitchen walls full of oil and grease provide a good meal for cockroaches. A cockroach eats anything organic from books, sugar, maltose and even such oil and grease found on walls.

Sealing all possible exit and entry points

This may sound silly, because why would you want to seal all exits and entries to the extent that the stray cockroach could not get out? Let’s weigh, if you do the above two ways to maintain your home diligently, there is a good chance that this cockroach is not finding food and water in your home to stay alive. It is probably going to die soon. By sealing up your cracks, crevices and gaps from the outdoors, it also mean keeping out more pests from coming into your home. Well, you’d never know that the second one may just get in to start creating a family of their own, with the first one that got away! Remember, cockroaches are capable of squeezing through even tiny gaps with their flexible exoskeletons!

Getting ready some really smack-able stuff

Prepare tools such as your slippers, a thick magazine and a real hard fly swatter ready to take on that one stray cockroach! Cockroaches are secretive and like to hide from humans. They are nocturnal pest meaning they only come out at night when the day activities hustle and bustle is over. Although it is not quite likely for them to come out in the day, still you would not want to let it has a chance to catch you helpless should it appear. Now, get some defense ‘weapons’ on your hands, take a good aim and smack hard at that stray cockroach which got away the last time. Now, it is not going anywhere! Be sure to clean up very well after that because the cockroach body is full of germs. These pests are capable of spreading diseases harmful to human health if you are not careful.

Do you have a cockroach infestation to deal with?

Dealing with one stray cockroach is quite manageable but, do you have just one cockroach in your house to kill? What if you have two or more? Could mass spraying help in controlling a large cockroach infestation and how do you deal with it?

Long term approaches in housekeeping and pest proofing at home are definitely sustainable in the long run to keep pests out of your home. However, in some cases of a large cockroach infestation, professionals are called in to deal with the situation swiftly and effectively.

Cockroach control pest experts are able to keep infestation under control with the most ideal plan safe for you and the family. Read more on the signs of a cockroach infestation or contact our team of pest experts for a free home check today.

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