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What bugs bite at night?

There are many night time pests such as cockroaches, rats and bed bugs that surface at night for food supplies. For some, they do bite us unknowingly such as bed bugs. The question is, what bugs bite at night?

Did you know? Because of lifestyle habits or home structure, we may be subjected to other non-nocturnal biting bugs? Let’s find out more on what bugs bite at night.


Largely outdoor driven and active in the evenings, mosquitoes caused itchy bites, with raised welts that turns visible right after being bitten.

Danger: Homes with indoor greenery or outdoor balcony are at higher risks of attracting adult mosquitos at home, or tendency in breeding through flower containers and pots. Because, they are attracted to heat, carbon dioxide and perspiration, we may be their target as well.

Tips: Install indoor mosquito control, keep cool, wear light-colored clothing and apply mosquito repellants for additional protection.

Mosquitoes is a deadly pests that we are all afraid of, and we have compiled a list of questions that many of you may have wonder.

Ticks and Fleas

For pet lovers and as night resting companions, the chances of inviting ticks and fleas into your bedroom is fairly high. Pets typically picked up these bugs that favors warm from outdoors after a stroll or play activity, and would attach themselves for blood feeding meal.

Danger: Ticks can spread from pets to human and bites normally happen near the lower half of your body, causing serious itch or inflamed wounds. Ticks transmit disease such as Lyme disease, and in any doubt, you should seek medical attention soon.

Tips: If having pet company is a must, do ensure housekeeping, pet grooming and personal hygiene is in place. Read here on how to get rid of ticks and fleas. Never hesitate to call for a pest control help if you notice your pet suffering from recurring scratching and fur biting.

Birds Mites

One of the least expected night time bites are from bird mites. These small, black hairy bugs are usually associated with birds crowing outside your room, typically near air-con compressors or window ledges.

Danger: For those who prefer natural cool air, leaving room windows open may increase the risk of bird mite entry into your home. When bitten by these mites, you may develop red spots irritation that is itchy or in severe case, an allergic reaction.

Tips: It can be quite challenging to spot bird mites. Seek early detection and inspection can help alleviate the doubt and potentially minimise the risk of bird mite infestation.

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