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Why Should I Care for Pest Control at Home when it’s Clean

Clean home doesn’t mean pest-free- Most people would have perceived clean home means a pest-free home. Yet to disbelief, home owners experience at least more than one type of pest bothering the family such as ants and cockroaches. In fact, there are additional hidden pests which are difficult to detect or see, till it escalates. Let us share why a clean home doesn’t mean a pest-free home and how pest control at home is still necessary.

Bed bugs are too tiny to see till the visible signs signal alerts. Most residents would have thought by keeping the home spick and span, cleanliness would have eliminated the presence of bed bugs. However, bed bugs are actually a cause and result of cross-infestation. Because they travel from location to location or people to people, regardless how clean the home is maintained, the reproduction and infestation would take place. If any of your family members travel frequently for work or leisure, find out how to prevent potential bed bug infestation and what signs to look out for. 

Termites are hidden within structures and below the ground, which makes it almost impossible to see. Once it turns visible such as the presence of alate wings along window sills or mud tubes on the wall, most likely the damage impact will be detrimental to your home. Find out how termites can destroy your beautiful home if no proper protection and correction measures are taken.

While good housekeeping promotes a better control to pest invite, especially pests which are fond of food source such as food crumbs, fruits, vegetables, or sugary stuffs, water is also another favorite food sources among pests such as ants and cockroaches. Remember to wipe any spills, prevent water leaks, contain water appropriately or drain off any excess. However, blind spots might hinder our ability to detect any root source such as cockroach nymphs or habourage spots. For instance behind cupboards or underneath electrical appliances, seeking professional detection and inspection can do the trick by reducing your worries and risks.

Ever wonder why you would still experience pest invasion even though you have maintain top sanitation standards, perform diligent housekeeping or not at risks of bed bugs and termite infestation? Gaps, tiny holes or any possible signs of entries, including opened windows or sliding doors, entrances, infrastructure damage resulting in cracks or holes and even ventilators, and entry opportunities for both crawling and flying insects, such as lizards, cockroaches, ants, even mosquitoes, bees, hornets and wasps. Most importantly, stay calm and do not panic if you or your family has an encounter with flying insects. Equip yourself with some do’s and don’ts when encountering bees, wasps and hornets.

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