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Pest Myth: Do Bed Bugs Bite through Clothes?

Bed bugs are probably the most unwelcomed guests in our home because of their speed of reproduction and the health harm they caused to us. Found almost anywhere besides home, such as favorite places we will hang out like movie theatres, airplanes, hotels and recreation clubs, perhaps one of the danger we all fear of bed bugs are their bites.


Top 3 common misperceptions on bug bites

Covering yourself from head to toe with long sleeved clothing is probably your best bet against getting insect bite or bug bites from places you visit.

Perhaps, the most lingering question we have in mind is do bed bugs bite through clothes? But first, let’s hear of the top 3 most common misperceptions we have in preventing ourselves from getting bitten from bed bugs.

  • We are safe so long as we cover ourselves with blanket right up to the neck
  • Wearing long sleeved pyjamas will keep us protected
  • Thick fabrics prevent the possibility for bed bugs to bite through

Reasons why we are not spared from bites

Here are reasons why we are not spared despite diligently covering ourselves up.

  • Being the tiny "apple seed" size, bed bugs can crawl through tiny openings of the blankets, quilts and sleeves and pants of our pyjamas we cover with/
  • Bugs could be nesting on your bed sheets and mattresses without being noticed, thus the chance of being exposed to them every time you lie in bed.
  • Fabrics play a part too. Thin or mesh-like materials may just allow bed bugs to slip in through the materials and onto your skin.

While bed bugs have to be in direct contact with our skin in order to get bitten, they are not capable of biting through clothes due to the fact that their mouths aren’t long enough to suck blood through most materials.

How to protect yourself from bed bug bites?

To learn how to protect yourself from bed bug bites, you have to understand the basics of what makes you attractive to bed bugs.

  • They are attracted to body warmth and carbon dioxide and not dirt - This explains why they are usually found in places we rest including mattresses, bed frames and couches.
  • They feed exclusively on blood meal - Unlike only female mosquitoes bite and feed for blood meal; bed bugs seek blood for its primary survival.
  • They target us at night when we are asleep - Bed bugs are nocturnal, just like cockroaches and rats, and only attack us at night when our vigilance level is almost zero.
  • Bed bug bites usually take a while to surface - Bites may take several days to become visible unlike mosquitoes’ bites that appear almost instantly with a bump.
  • You’ve been injected with analgesic during biting process – Because of the analgesic effect as bed bugs bite into our skin, hence, we tend not to feel anything.

Not sure what pests has bitten you? Read here to find out if your bites are by bed bugs, or some other pests.

However, it is best to engage professional bed bug control specialist to remove early infestation symptoms due to their speed in infestation spread.

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