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Pest Myth: Does Cucumber Peel Make a Good Ant Repellent?

A good ant repellent: Ants are everywhere. Here are some common hot spots

  • Kitchen
  • Dining hall
  • Coffee table
  • Counter tops
  • Walls and surfaces
  • Flooring

In fact they are almost anywhere and everywhere in your home! 

A pest that comes in numbers, crawling like a troop of soldiers and never seems to clear up, not forgetting the risks of falling into our food and getting bitten, it is no wonder why many of us turn to desperate measures in experimenting various DIY remedies to get rid of these ants. 

Chalk, hot water and other organic repellant home remedies are commonly tried and tested, but unfortunately, effectiveness and efficacy is still a question mark. What about Cucumber Peels? Do they make a good ant repellent?

cucumber ant repellent


Is cucumber peel an effective ants control?

The scent coming from the cucumber derails the ants temporarily, but will soon return again once the scent is diminished. Ants do not like these cucumber smell, and according to research sources, it contains chemical that eliminates the fungi that ants are attracted to.

In fact, the bigger danger is, by leaving these food sources in the open at your home without clearing them for hours, it could potentially mean, inviting other pests on board that are attracted to these items, such as cockroaches and rats!

Getting rid of ants the right way

Why is it important to adopt proper ants control in your home then? This is because there are essentially more than just 1 type of ants you may have thought, and different species have different nesting and diet preference and create different damages. Knowing exactly what they are can help control the infestation effectively. You may not know, but ants actually can damage your furniture besides causing the usual food contamination and ant bites allergy that we may not know!

Besides knowing what makes a good ant repellent, learn how to get rid of rid of ants or take the first step by engaging a home inspection to get more awareness on their hiding spots in your home.

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