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Are Reflective Discs Effective Remedies for Flies?

In those times when you visit a stall in the wet market or coffee shop, you can find stall holders put up and hang these shiny water bags and reflective discs over the food areas. What are those actually for?

Now we will let you know the answer: this is in hope that stall owners could keep flies away by deterring them from hanging around their stalls.

Yet why water bags and discs? Water bags and discs reflect light and this important property itself is the key to keep flies away.

How does this work and is this an effective remedy for flies?

Flies are very sensitive to lights

What attracts flies is actually the light reflection and refraction - the reflecting light rays from these water bags and discs confuse the flies and make them fly away instead of landing.

Quick facts: Flies have compound eyes that are sensitive to changing light patterns.

Quick Flies Facts

For flies which happen to fly toward that water bag or hanging disc may get confused by the light refractions and reflection, the key thing to note is that they are only temporarily disoriented. After a while, they may take another flight path to get past these confusing lights and then ultimately, landing on your food.

Although water bags and reflective discs may temporarily discourage some flies from hanging around the stall, some other flies would still get past this weak line of defense. For pest control for flies to be effective, this method does not even work to catch and kill any of the flies.

Understanding professional pest control for flies

Good-to-know! An introduction to 2 very important must-have features in professional fly control.

  1. A maintained catch rate
  2. Effective catch range

A maintained catch rate from a good fly control specialist allows you to track and count visible flies which are caught. From this catch rate, you are able to gauge how heavily infested your fly situation could be. This can also help you to determine the best way to keep flies away.

The area of the premise must also be considered for an effective catch range. It determines the range a fly unit has control over the area concerned.

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Flies control options for your premise

There are three types of flies control solutions for your premise. Firstly, there are regular residual spraying or misting of active ingredients are strategic corners of the environment to control flies infestation. Secondly, there are flytraps that are installed on the wall to lure and trap flies with LED light technology and glueboard placement in the unit. It is mandatory deployment particularly for food establishment where regulatory compliance is in place. These units are serviced monthly (or weekly and fortnightly depending on flies infestation severity) and pest trending analysis is generated especially for food safety or high dependency driven businesses. Finally, for cases with severe flies problem, where there are breeding sites detected, a foaming flush-out programme is recommended to eliminate larvae especially breeding in areas including grease trap, gully, drains, corners and gaps along tables, trolleys and cabinets.

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How does professional fly control works?

It’s all about the eyes - While the water bags and reflective discs serve to deter flies, they do not serve as a remedy to get rid of the flies. Pest control innovations have made it the other way round by serving up attractive UV lights in fly control units. These units emit attractive UV led lights for flies, trapping and killing them in a discreet and safe manner.

LED technology in modern times has enabled optimal frequency to attract these flying pests effectively. Engage a professional fly control specialist today to manage your fly infestation, especially in F&B industries.

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