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3 reasons why you need to be wary of fire ants

Small and terrible, especially that they come in a colony. Fire ants tend to enter our homes in search of food and water. What most people don't know is that their sting can be harmful and not forgetting painful.

They may look like any other ants, but fire ants are far more aggressive. Once you disturb a fire ant's nest, they may rapidly spread and crawl around. They move very quickly away compared to other ant species which may not respond as fast as the fire ants when disturbed.

Here is a simple guide to identify which ants are bothering in your home

Damages and harm caused by fire ants

1. They are aggressive

Fully aware of their size, fire ants become very aggressive when their nest is disturbed. They will swarm to the perceived intruder when provoked. Instead of attacking alone, fire ants usually attack in groups/ colonies when they are provoked. They release pheromones that signal other members to launch multiple attacks together, and with no signs of stopping.

2. They have a venomous sting

Once they get hold of you, fire ants can sting you several times – and these are not just an ordinary sting. They can inject toxic alkaloid venom into your body, which is known as solenopsin. It’s a chemical that produces pain, itching, swelling, and redness of the skin.

You will observe a group of swollen red spots around the area of the skin where you get stung. The fire ant sting has a significant look and can already be identified. The round pus-filled blisters look like wound pimples, and it comes in a group of spots. Initially, it will begin with an intense pinching or burning pain. After that, it will start to itch which will get stronger over the next few days. It may hurt and get itchy for about a week.

3. They can cause extreme allergic reactions, and even death

Once you’re stung, you could be in danger. Although the pain caused by fire ant is more bearable than a bee or wasp sting, it can still cause extreme allergic reactions. Whenever there’s an allergic reaction, most people will feel or experience sweating, slurred speech, chest pain, breathing issues, and shock.

If you’ve been stung before, then you are at a higher risk of a more intense reaction. Some of the signs of allergic reactions include difficulty breathing and swallowing, nausea, anaphylaxis, and even death.

Since the symptoms of fire ants’ exposure are developing quickly, it’s easy to get an emergency medical treatment to prevent it from getting worse. There are instances that it may be necessary to have a whole body extract immunotherapy if the allergy is in severe condition.

Ants control and preventive tips

The best way to keep safe from fire ants is to stay away from them. You can start by resisting the temptation to disturb a colony resting on their nest. Shooing them away can only make them more agitated. You can also be mindful of places outside your house where the fire ants can be hanging out. Wear socks and footwear all the time, especially when cleaning outside. You should also ensure that possible food sources are properly sealed, so the ants won’t have a feast day on your food.

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Ants elimination remedies that may not work

Ants do not have ears

Ants build their nest and colony at hard to reach spaces and at times, ants nest may be challenging to identify and differentiate with termite nest. While some ant infestation can react effectively to DIY home remedies, these efforts may not work depending on the ant species type and its severity. For example, pharaoh ants do not respond well to insecticide spray as their colony may be disturb causing them to split up and makes containment harder. Other natural elimination remedies include using condiments, chalk and even cucumber peels, however these aids more in repelling them away to another part of the home rather than elimination purpose.

Managing the nasty fire ants bites

If you’re attacked by fire ants, move away from the nest and brush them away off your clothes and body then cleanse yourself with water. As much as possible, make sure that you will not get stung

It’s hard to completely destroy fire ant colonies on your own, especially that some of their nests are in the hidden part of your homes. As a first aid, you may use some poisonous bait to get rid of fire ants and some common pesticides. But to completely get rid of them, it’s best to consult a team of expert exterminators.

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