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5 Reasons Why Rats in Singapore are Smart

Rats are annoying and challenging pest to manage. Here are the top 5 reasons why rats are smart and tricky pests.

Rats are agile and can squeeze in a 1cm gap!

  • 1cm is all it takes for rodent to sneak into a building
  • Good climbers, swimmers and jumpers
  • Really easy for rats to enter with any possible proofs of entries

Efficient reproduction of offspring

  • Averagely rats reproduce 3 to 8 times a year
  • With 4 to 10 young per litter
  • Short gestation (ability to carry offspring) period of 3 weeks
  • Without rat control in place and left untreated, a pair can produce up to 2,000 descendants a year!

Intelligent creature to avoid enemies

  • Intelligent and very adaptive to urban environment
  • Turn suspicious on new things such as traps, baits and control tools
  • Time and diligent efforts required to gain control effect

Rats are attracted to what we eat

  • Feed on similar human foods such as cereal, fruits, grains and nuts
  • Important to keep food sources out of reach after consumption or food preparation

They have good hiding capabilities

  • Secretive and likes to hide with sufficient tight spaces
  • Keep themselves out of reach and sight in high locations i.e. attic, cramp basements, narrow crawl spaces
  • Remove junk and bulky items to reduce camouflage and hiding places for rats

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