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7 reasons why bird feeding in Singapore is discouraged

  • Bird droppings carry diseases which spread harmful infections to humans. These include E. Coli, Salmonella, Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis, which cause symptoms such as fever, fatigue, rash and food-borne illness.
  • Bird droppings might cause slippery surfaces, resulting in potential slip and fall accidents.
  • Bird droppings result in acid erosion causing facility and property damage.  
  • Unsightly smelly droppings and stains turn the environment unpleasant; risking damages to brand image and business reputation.
  • Large flocks of birds may cause panic discomfort, fear, panic and anxiety to the public.
  • Nesting habits tend to damage walls and structures, smear surfaces with faeces and lined with grass and features for breeding purposes, thus, increasing the bird population.
  • Particularly during breeding periods, some birds such as the Black House Crow may turn aggressive and attack the surrounding public.

Where do birds like to nest?

Birds love to nest under air-conditioning compressor units outdoors. At times, young nestlings die in these nests and invite bird mites which travel down the air con system indoors. Bird mites are biting pests which are tiny yet huge in nuisance when their bites develop into itchy painful welts. Find out more about pests that cause bug bites in Singapore such as bird mites.

Birds seek food source for survival

Discouraging bird feedings by the public- Birds seek food such as seeds, grains, water and other available food sources to survive. Overpopulation results in birds fighting and being reliant on humans for food.

Avoid feeding or scattering unwanted food source in the public, and reduce harbourage opportunity for these flocks of birds. Bird feeding in Singapore is highly discouraged.

Getting rid of birds infestation in Singapore

Birds can be annoying and create a nuisance especially at food eating areas. For some, it can be scary when they start to hover near you.

If you are experiencing some uncontrollable bird infestation that is causing harm or nuisance to your family or employee, engage a pest control expert to manage the population for you today at +6563478138.

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