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7 ways to deal with a cockroach infestation

  • Cockroaches mate once only, yet can produce up to 400 offspring. It is important to prevent any reproduction opportunity.
  • Cockroach cannot live longer than a week without water. If you spot a dead cockroach during cleaning, they probably died from thirst. Deny any water sources i.e. fix a leaking tap.
  • Don’t be surprised to see a headless cockroach running about! If you whack a cockroach with the head falling off, it can still survive for a few days
  • Don’t try flushing a cockroach into a toilet bowl. You might see them resurfacing again! Cockroaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes, giving them adequate time to crawl up and escape.
  • Your home is still not safe from cockroach infestation even when always kept clean. With access to water, or any possible entry points to enter, they can still invade and reproduce in your home. Thus, seal up cracks.
  • Cockroaches dislike air-conditioning. They are uncomfortable with cool weather for example, if you set below 25⁰C. They will move to a warmer part of your home. So, keep your home cool!
  • Never procrastinate in resolving a cockroach infestation. German cockroach eggs turn into adult in 120 days. Engage in cockroach pest control service.

Cockroaches are known as Pest of Poor Hygiene

Cockroaches have a good sense in movement, reacting in hundreds of seconds, enabling them to escape quickly. Pest of Poor Hygiene, they eat anything and the bacteria that live in their bodies are a source of vitamins for them.

Here is a collection of common questions raised about these nasty pests.

Seeking cockroach control solutions to rid your cockroach problem

Using the best cockroach traps alone may not work because they serve mainly as a mean for monitoring and surveillance. Professional cockroach control along with good housekeeping practices is important to help protect your home and work environment against a cockroach infestation.

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