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9 Essential Steps to Take in a Bee Encounter

#1 Stay calm and do not panic. Bees generally do not attack unless they are being provoked. However, there are incidences of wasps and hornets infestation, and public might be confused which species have they encountered. Find out how to identify among bees, wasps and hornets.

#2 Protect yourself: As you run away from the scene, do cover sensitive parts of yourself such as your face or eyes. Tip: Run against the wind, to make it harder for bees to catch up, bees are known to fly not as fast as humans.

#3 There is a common misconception that jumping into water/ pond will be safe. Bees tend to wait for you to emerge.

#4 Be aware of your movements. Do not make big drastic movements such as waving your arms vigorously. This will only attract bees further.

#5 Get yourself a shelter: Escape to an indoor area, to deter bees from entering. They are not comfortable or familiar with indoor environment, and tend to escape through any opening if they do enter

#6 If there is no nearby indoor buildings to seek cover, look for alternative shelters, such as materials that could cover and protect yourself, for example shawl, towel, blanket, canvas sheets etc.

#7 Seek proper medical attention – Allergies or any life-threatening conditions might arise if the condition is left untreated or attended. It is important to remove stingers soonest. Get yourself equipped with simple preventive tips from being stung.

#8 Never attempt to smash or smack the bees (like how we do for other pests such as flies or mosquitoes), as that action will release a scent that attract more bees to you.

#9 Call for professional help to remove any hives or swarm of bees cited.

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