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4 quick tips on ants control

Everyone has before their personal battles against ants at home. Frustrations build around seeing long lines of ants marching along or even with those scattered ants scavenging around. In worse cases, there can be an outbreak of uncontrollable ant infestation!

Here is a collection of 5 common questions around ants.


You are focusing on indoor ants, but neglecting outdoor ants

It’s essential to figure out which type of ants has infested your home. For most of us, we are familiar and aware of ants attacking indoors, especially around food sources in the dining room and kitchen, called the sugar ants.

Did you know? There are outdoor ants such as the black, long-legged crazy ants found near the flowerpots and the large carpenter ants that nest amongst trees and woods. They could also enter your homes through cracks, crevices, and window and door openings. Therefore, besides ensuring ants control internally, you need to cover the exterior of your home as well.

You are treating ant species using the wrong treatments

It is always confusing between ants and termites where shape, habits and nesting looks similar. Because we don’t completely understand the biology facts behind, we can make wrong assumptions easily and engage the wrong treatment for the pests assumed at home. For instance, you can be treating carpenter ants with termite solution or mistaking an ant infestation for a subterranean termite infestation.

You can search the Internet for tips and apply some short-term ants control solutions, but you may run into the risk of making things worse or the most enjoy the short term benefit in removing ants, and only to find them returning very soon.

Your activities worsened the ants problem

Ants control is just like our health, where our actions and activities to our lifestyle we engage in has an impact. In ants control, diligent sanitation and housekeeping at home plays an important role.

How often are we guilty in munching in the living room or snacking on our bed with TV entertainment? Have you forgotten about your trash disposal or doing the dishes before you get comfortable settling in your home? We tend to offer ants sumptuous buffet such as biscuits, cakes, cereals, fruits, honey, jam and even flavored drinks!

You may have just resolved only the visible problem

Our initial reaction seeing crawling or climbing ants is to physically remove them by spraying chemical or applying hot water on them. For some, pressing on the ants was another elimination option. However, such contact kills only eradicate the existing problem but missing out on their actual hideouts.

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