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Are you a bed bug's favourite meal

What’s flat, small, reddish-brown, and oval-shaped that crawls to suck your blood? - Bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on human blood and you are probably one of the best meals they ever had. 

Bed bugs come out to feed typically an hour before dawn; the time when you are fast asleep on the bed. Bed bugs execute a painless bite.

Regardless of blood types, all humans are welcome to fill up a bed bug’s tummy. Could you possibly be one of their meal contributors? 

How do we attract bed bugs to our home?

How you could potentially become a bed bug’s meal:

  • Frequent travelers- bed bugs are found in lodging area, travelers’ clothes and suitcases; they are excellent hitch hikers

  • Usage of second-hand goods or furniture

  • Transfer of different modes of transportation increases risk

  • People to People" cross contamination

  • Laundry

Getting prompt bed bug control treatment

Bed bugs can spread quickly from place to place. They infest and damage the beds, curtains, sofa and any furniture they cling on to. Many of us are still confused and unclear about common bed bug issues.

Here is a FAQ collection of important must-know bed bug infestation query.

Bed bugs are known to be a challenging pest to remove and they have the tendency to re-infest even after treatments. Seek professional pest control services to rid these hassles and worries at +6563478138.

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