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Bird Mites: An Unknown Biting Pest in Singapore?

Have you ever come across sudden itches and bites on your body and not knowing what is happening? You may have bird mites at home.

You do not need to have a pet bird at home to come across bird mites. It is possible to have a bird mite infestation when the birds outside roost very nearby to where you live.

Here are some quick facts on bird mites in Singapore:

  • Bird mites are active in a tropical climate like in Singapore
  • It is barely visible to the eye, with half of their tiny body transparent
  • Bird mites have very short life cycle of only 7 days, yet they are capable of quick reproduction to become a large population
  • It is a parasite feeding mostly on blood of common birds in Singapore such as Pigeons, House Sparrows, Mynahs and Starlings
  • Therefore it is listed as a biting pest, which may crawl into homes to find humans as its hosts

Chances for bird mites to get close to humans and to you are high when you realise some birds are building a warm and comfortable nest near your home! The nests could be built on structural gaps in between the roof top, on your window ledges or inside of your air conditioner compressor unit.

Bird Mites: An Unknown Biting Pest in Singapore?


These locations are quite likely the source of the infestation, and the place where these bird mites start to come close to humans. This is because the adult birds and its young would start to leave their nest, leaving a large population of bird mites behind.

Being unable to find a host to feed on, these bird mites start to crawl around and into homes, to bite and feed on humans. The bites from bird mites could be itchy, stinging and leave behind allergy red spots when it injects saliva to draw blood for its feed.

There are many other biting pests out there in sunny tropical Singapore, read here to find out more on What’s bugging you? Identifying common bug bites.

It could be frustrating and mentally distressing when you do not know exactly which biting pest is around at home, causing you and your family incessant bites and nasty allergies. We understand this and being the pest control expert in Singapore, we are here to help.

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