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Top 3 most difficult pests to remove

Top challenging pests to remove

There are some pests that we deal with every day at home that is pretty straightforward in controlling and removing them. So long as we maintain diligent housekeeping, secure entries with sound proofing measures, removing any food source that attract pests, treat with repellant sprays or traps from off-the-shelves shops, there are some pests that is more challenging to deal with.

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Termite signs often go unnoticed till damaging symptoms surface

Similarly, like an illness or disease, the early warning signs are an indicator that we are not well. However, there are symptoms that are less obvious just like a termite infestation. Termites live in soil and build tunnels underground to above ground to carry food for survival purposes.

With their hide outs in these structures, beams, flooring and panels, unless with professional detection tools and technology, it is highly unlikely knowing if there is a termite activity taken place within.

However, if you notice mud tubes lining up on your wall, cracked or damaged structures, or saw dust lying on the surfaces, then it may be a sign that your home has been attacked by termites. Can you treat termites yourself? Read more to discover the truth.

Bed bugs hitchhike and travel easily through place and people

Like us, bed bugs commute easily from location to location, people to people or item to item. Because they are tiny and flat, they tend to "ride for free" without been noticed. As small as an apple seed, they take cover and breed at places that are blind spots to us and multiply quickly into a full blown serious bed bug infestation.

There is also a misperception that bed bugs tend to happen at really dirty and old homes. It is totally untrue; in fact, they are highly associated to lifestyle activities such as traveling, recreational activities and staycation.

Here is a collection of common bed bug queries.

Rats squeeze, climb and hide like a contortionist

Ever wonder how we are unable to spot these rats scurrying around when we try to lure and trap them? Yet, we see signs of rats’ presence and infestation around the area such as droppings and scratch marks.

This is because rats are nocturnal pest that only comes out at night to hunt for food, are very intelligent pests and highly agile. Any tight spaces and impossible hideouts are not a problem for these rats to keep out of reach and sight from us.

Other influencing factors include their resistance to baits, the structural design of buildings today due to urbanization and modernisation

Why is pest eradication a challenge for many?

Pest are not easy to eradicate because of various factors that heightened the challenge. This includes:

  • Difficulty in locating their nesting locations and root source
  • Identifying the type of pest species correctly
  • Not equipped with the right tools, equipment and active ingredient
  • Unsure where to apply the baits, traps and insecticide
  • Inadequate treatment, frequency and follow up for consistent control
  • Ongoing poor housekeeping and sanitation that promotes pests
  • Compromised integrity of the home that allows pest entries
  • Immunity resistance to certain pesticides such as mosquitoes
  • Smart pest nature like the rats that avoids traps and tricks easily
  • Nocturnal pests that only comes out at night for food thus limiting visibility

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Integrated pest control solutions

With proper inspection, integrated pest management together with sound and diligent housekeeping and facility maintenance, taking proactive steps can help prevent an infestation growing out of proportion or minimize the damaging impact resulted. Call +6563478138 for pest control recommendations today.

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