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Top 6 Common Pest Phobias

Despite our reputation for being a squeaky clean country, it is impossible to avoid spotting pests every now and then. Many of us city dwellers even develop a phobia for many of these creepy crawlies! While some of these pests may not scare you, there are individuals who experience anxiety and crippling fear in their presences.

Here are the 6 common pest phobias in Singapore.

Do you have a phobia of cockroaches?

Do you have a fear of cockroaches?

Ah, cockroaches. If you have a phobia of cockroaches...frankly, we do not blame you. Dark, tiny and disgusting, cockroaches have been terrorising people’s lives for the past million years. Almost everyone screams at the sight of a cockroach crawling – or worse, flying towards him or her or landing on you!

To make matters worse, researchers from National Geographic have even found cockroaches to be practically unstoppable with conventional methods of control. For example, they can squeeze through a crevice as small as a quarter of their height in under a mere second.

These pests are even found to survive forces on average 900 times their bodyweight without sustaining injury. This means that smacking them with a rolled-up piece of newspaper may not do the trick actually! Question: Have you tried running after these creepy crawlies and attempt to smack them but realise somehow they are always escaping from you?

Cockroaches stride at incredibly fast speed. Instead of trying to pin them now, deploying proper cockroach control can help save the hassle of getting rid of them on your own while embracing Katsaridaphobia – scientific name for cockroach phobia.

Do you have a fear for rats?

Do you have a fear of rats?

An irrational fear of rats is another common phobia. Again, it might seem like a surprise to Singaporeans – but rat infestations have been making headlines more frequently in recent times. Everywhere from coffee shops to shopping centres – to common walkways and open field spaces – rats have been invading this city.

For some of us, it’s that thought of a rat scurrying across our feet that induces a lot of anxiety because they are such filthy creatures. This is particularly so if we are casually dressed with flip flops and here comes a rat running across our exposed feet and legs. We wouldn’t want to imagine having to step on rat droppings all over! Note: rats are great climbers and tend to make their way to roof ceilings for hiding purposes.

These pesky rodents do more than just scaring humans: they are sources of diseases, such as Salmonellosis and food poisoning symptoms including fever, diarrhoea and nausea. Surely, that is enough cause for Musophobia – scientific name for rat phobia.

How about the thought or sight of snakes?

These slithering creatures are another cause for fear. For some of us, just the thought of a snake, sticking its forked tongue out and hissing loudly, is enough to induce a cold sweat. For extreme cases, just by looking at it on print or screen is enough to give us the shiver. Although – or precisely because – they are not commonly encountered in Singapore, meeting one can be very traumatising.

Question: Have you read in the news on snake incidents found in toilet bowls, homes or public spaces and wonder how would you react if that is you encountering the snake in the news?

Educate yourself with these 5 useful tips on what to do when you see a snake and always call for professional help instead of taking matters in your own hands. Snakes may turn violent if they are threatened or provoked.

The creepy crawling spiders

Do you have a fear of spiders?

A fear of spiders, or arachnophobia, is another classic pest phobia.

These creatures have instilled fear in the hearts of men and women since time immemorial. In fact, we think a movie title sums it up neatly for everyone: “8-legged freaks”.

If you fear these “8-legged freaks”, there is a comforting truth: we humans are probably “wired” to be afraid of spiders. In other words, there is nothing wrong with you! Researchers from the Max Planck Institute found out that even babies – who are too young to comprehend spiders and their dangers – react to photos of spiders with stress! Learn on how to get to get rid of spiders and if the spider situation is not within control, pest control specialist can do the job for you.

Bee stings are what make people afriad of bees

Not only painful, these bee stings may sometimes be fatal – especially if an entire swarm of bees sting. This is because the venom, though usually harmless, may trigger a serious allergic reaction that can lead to death.

However, most of our fear of bees is grossly exaggerated. In fact, most bees die immediately after stinging. This is because it leaves behind a part of its abdomen, digestive tract, muscles and nerves upon stinging. Read more on do bees die after they sting?

A simple piece of advice is to stay away from bee hives and call for professional help. Rentokil offers a bee removal and control to deal with bees attack professionally. Remember: bees only sting when they perceive a threat, such as when protecting its hive. Typically, a bee on its way to pollinate flowers will not sting you unless you deliberately agitate one. Simply walk away calmly if one is encountered.

Distress caused by sighting of lizards

Although largely harmless, lizards are ubiquitous, often seen on the walls of our homes crawling away. Because we live in an urban environment, even the occasional sight of house lizards can be distressing. It is only natural that city folks do not like these creepy crawlies all around the place. However, lizards are very tiny and mobile creatures, making it extremely difficult for homeowners to keep them out.

Tell-tale signs of house lizards include droppings stains on walls and on wall furniture like paintings and picture frames. These droppings may contaminate food and should be removed immediately when spotted!

As with most pests, be sure to clear away garbage and dishes as soon as possible to avoid attracting flies, which is a food source for lizards. Keeping the house neat also ensures little place a lizard can hide in! Be sure to have mosquito presence in your home under control, as these lizards to feed on them as well.

How do pest infestation starts in a home?

Pests occurs mainly because of poor housekeeping and compromised sanitation quality, where food sources and water made available for them. For some pests such as cockroaches and rats, they also favour decaying matters such as the food scrapes, garbage and waste and hence, improper waste management can start a pest problem. For example, waste bins without a lid can cause pests to enter into them and feed on decomposed remains within. Pests can poke into the waste bags and start feeding on them if they are left in the bin for a long period. Clutter and junks are common problem in most homes where we leave spring-cleaning to the last minute, and these piles allow pests to hide among them and start breeding into a population. Finally, habits and culture play a part, for example snacking at the living room allowing food crumbs to drop over or not covering food on the dining table and attracting pests over with the smell.

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Getting the right and effective pest control solutions

It is important to get the right and targeted pest control solutions to address the pest problem effectively. As re-infestation can result in additional expenses relating to replacement of furniture, renovation of the home structure, and engaging more pest treatments to resolve the issue. This is also considering the additional time required to see through the treatments and arranging for services in a more intensive manner. More importantly, pests are associated with poor hygiene, and they transmit diseases through food consumption and handling, thus the safety of your users and families should not be compromised with ineffective pest management.

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Fear fear go away

Phobias are distinguished by their irrationality; often times, there is no real reason why we fear certain pests. Somehow, we just fear these creepy crawlies.

While it can be very challenging to shake off a fear formed (usually since childhood), it is much easier to eradicate and control these pests in your surroundings. Speak with us today for a comprehensive and effective approach to pest control, be it for your own home or workplace.

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