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Vigilant on Dengue & Zika in Singapore

While the current dengue cases in this quarter is relatively low, forecast shows some surge in the coming months, particularly in the middle of the year. The growth of 60% more Aedes Mosquito cited shows an upcoming risk in spreading of Dengue Fever. Till date, more than 16,000 mosquito breeding habitats have been found. Mosquito breeding can be easily controlled and minimised by adopting proactive prevention measures in your home, by eliminating stagnant water for these Aedes mosquitoes to breed.

Weather, also plays an influencing role towards mosquito infestation. A higher temperature introduces more mosquito feeding (as warmer weather makes mosquitoes hungry more easily), and a faster virus replication (warmer air incubates virus faster), and hence able to cause an earlier or quicker disease transmission. A warmer temperature would also mean a larger mosquito population.

As Singapore transits towards the dry season from March to August, whereby the weather starts to get warmer, we should stay vigilant and do necessary pre-emptive measures and control before the breeding and adult mosquito population gets out of control.

There are various safe, effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to manage any breeding mosquitoes and water-based fogging to control adult mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes can travel, which means, an originally-safe environment could be disturbed by these flying mosquitoes!

In some homes, mosquito traps are also used, to provide that additional protection from getting bitten by these mosquitoes, and risking in contracting with Dengue Fever, or even Zika. These mosquito traps are designed to trap adult mosquitoes with UV spectrum and optimised UV LED for optimal catch rate.

Find out which mosquito control is ideal for your home and equip yourself with simple steps to protect yourself from getting bitten by mosquitoes, including dark colour options in your attire, or keeping yourself covered well.

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