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What’s bugging you? Identifying the common bug bites

Most of the time, when we experience itch or bite on our hands and legs, the 1st culprit that comes into our mind, is a mosquito bite! In this article, we discuss the various common pest bug bites that is bothering us.

Managing pest bites - What do you need to know?

How to treat pest bites

Pest bites are often itchy, painful, swells and can result in skin infection or allergies. It is important to keep wound clean, wash them and apply itch relief cream, and avoid scratching them. As condition may worsen, do remember to observe wound and seek medical treatment early.

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Mosquitoes bites are common among us

Mosquito bites are common, given the regular presence of adult mosquitoes and with the rising urbanization in Singapore; mosquito breeding sites are also increasing simultaneously.

Mosquito bites are usually not painful, but the itchiness that resulted from the bite can cause some discomfort. Visually, the bites are round and usually white and puffy after a recent bite with a small dot in the middle. It turns into a hard and reddish bump after a few days later. In some cases, it may turn into a swell, with small blister or dark spot that looks like a bruise.

Why and when will we get bitten?

  • Dark colours such as navy, blue, black and red might encourage more visibility
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide for example near plants, shrubs or garden
  • Body heat and sweat – sports activities or warm weather
  • Bacteria and germs on the skin promotes biting (typically around the ankles)
  • Study shows people who consume beer, has an increased in ethanol in sweat and skin thus attracting mosquito bites

Pest Myth: Is it true that lemongrass repellent helps in eliminating mozzies? Debugged the myth here.

Understanding more on mosquito preventive and control methods

There are preventive measures and mosquito control methods to manage adult mosquito population and eliminating mosquito breeding in sites identified. However, every individual can do some simple steps to eliminate any breeding source to prevent larvae from emerging into an adult mosquito, and reduce the risks of getting bitten.

Read here to find out more about integrated mosquito control programme.

Bed Bugs are flat but actually bite

Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide; they suck blood by biting on human to obtain a blood meal. Bed bug bites typically take place at night while you are asleep the bites look very different from a mosquito bite.

  • Generally small, flat and with a raised bump on skin
  • Some redness, swelling and itching among the bitten spots
  • Bites tend to appear in a single line or row on the arms or legs
  • Skin rash may develop in some cases

Easily spread and transported from human to human, from clothing, lodging, 2nd hand furniture or transportation, bed bugs are challenging pest to control and manage because of their tiny and flat size body, and their quick reproduction.

Where are bed bugs commonly found

Commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms, bed bugs usually hide among bed seams or headboards, curtain drapes, carpet, sofa etc. Not sure if the small creepy crawly lying on the bed is a bug?

Find out the various bed bug solutions that includes a thorough inspection, residual spray and heat treatment that comes with a 1 month warranty.

We understand bed bugs can cause a traumatic and horriying experience, and we have gathered some common questions raised about bed bugs

Fleas bite humans and your precious pets like dogs at home

A flea bite is usually not painful, but will develop itchiness and skin may turn sore or painful. In some cases, you may experience hives or a rash near the bite. Extreme case would cause an infection due to excessive scratching. However, your pets would often suffer more, by scratching frantically, or trying to bite the fleas in their fur.

Getting rid of fleas before they harm your pets further

Fleas usually jump from pets, carpets, beddings or furnishings to feed. Who is at risk? Generally, infants or kids are at risks, particularly when they are playing on the floor, carpeted area or on rugs.

Caution: For individuals, do see a doctor if you develop an itchy rash or eczema, for your pets, do bring them to a vet if your dog shows signs of irritation, such as reddening of the skin or thin patches in your pet’s coat.

The question is, your pets might be scratching constantly, biting themselves… is that just a skin problem or are fleas feeding on them? Pest control specialist experts are here to help you do a thorough inspection to give you the peace of mind assurance.

If there are fleas present, do not panic. By learning how to identify these different common bug bites first helps to quell that bothering question on what’s bugging you at the end of the day.

Engaging long-term pest control solutions

Pest infestation not only cause painful and itchy bites that can disrupt sleep and rest, but they can cause several implications including food contamination with symptom including vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps.  Besides food safety risks, pest such as mosquitoes spread diseases including dreadful dengue fever, particularly the Den-V which most individuals have immunity against. In addition, pest can damage property and structures by weakening structures and frames, or cause hazardous implications such as short circuit and fire. Engage a pest control specialist to minimise the risk while keeping the environment pest-free. Call +6563478138 for a thorough pest control service today.

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