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Why are DIY termite solutions harmful?

In today’s standard of living, where most home owners are engaged in busy work schedule, DIY alternatives have become a popular and common trend to pick up at home. Be it, renovation, carpentry, painting works etc, DIY has form a common lifestyle habit. Because of its low cost nature, most of us would be drawn to DIY solutions as a quick and cheap fix remedy.

Reasons why DIY termite remedy is harmful

While some pests infestation which are still in controllable stage and could be managed diligently with proper housekeeping and simple DIY pest solutions, termite on the other hand is a destructive pest to a home which DIY solutions might not be suitable to adopt. Home owners could subject to some risks and disadvantages such as,

  • Health risks: Some of the off the shelve termiticides may be toxic to humans and incorrect application and dilution process can pose harm to your family’s health and safety. Hence, it is important to have a professional and licensed specialist to perform chemical application to your home.
  • Financial risks: As you might have insufficient knowledge or ability to identify the root source of the infestation, performing DIY solutions in a less precise and targeted manner could mean driving existing termites to forage to other parts of your home, prolonged infestation and resulting in further damages with costlier salvaging needs.
  • Efficacy risks: There is different termite species that requires different treatment and methods, and a "1 size fits all" DIY solution might not work in getting rid of the specific termites present in your home. This results in delay treatment, and can potentially cause quick and further damage to your home.

Termites can cause structural home damage

Did you know? Termites can cause structural damage to a home in 6 months? A mature colony consists of 350,000 termite workers who consume 31 grams of wood in a day. You can imagine the detrimental impact to your home if you subject to damage risks while seeking DIY solutions. Some other damages includes damaged wall and structural, mud tubes surface on the wall and even a collapsed ceiling!

Understanding more about termite control

A termite infestation can be prevented and corrected. It is not just a landed a home that is affected but even high rise buildings. Yes, termite travels and it is impossible to suffer from a termite problem even if you stay way above ground level.

For first time termite-infestation victims, here is a FAQ collection of critical must-know termite information.

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