Pest control services: Blind spots addressed with detecting innovations

Out of reach and out of sight spots increases difficulty in detecting and identifying root source and symptoms of infestation such as rodents. Pest infestation gets out of control when these signs start to turn visible or obvious. How do today’s pest control services keep up to meet these challenges?

Early detection and treatment means, minimising the risk level and damage impact, and by engaging in adequate protection and long term maintenance, it also means, reducing your worries, hassles, disruptions and    financial implications. Rentokil Singapore is the leader to bring in innovations for the best experience in pest control services. 

Burrows for example, we can spot presence of burrows dug by pest such as rodents, however, what lies deep within the burrow with a narrow gap opening makes it all much harder to inspect and recommend the right treatment and solution. Rentokil Singapore adopts the Boroscope, a video gadget is designed to capture video at hard to reach holes. With its wireless inspection camera and 36” flexible and 9mm diameter cable, stealing a peek in these burrows are made easier.

Pest tends to hide in dark areas and visible site inspection is challenged. Presence of rodent activities and identifying their trails and entry points are made difficult. The RodCam is innovated to capture video and photo shots of rodents in complete darkness.

Work at height and site risk assessment is heavily complied in Singapore, to embrace Health and Safety of employees and public. Pest control services have many safety challenges due to its work nature such as the Roof void being one common key risk areas for pests to seek refuge and a dangerous area to inspect further, for presence of rodents and even signs of termite infestation. The Roof Pole Camera is used to view risky heights, roof voids, or unable to access areas such as suspended celling and aluminum frames. The ability to stream videos to mobile phone enhances the ease, speed and convenience to report and recommend solutions efficiently.

Fix these hard to reach and identify sites with this innovating detection with Rentokil Singapore. Visit or call +6563478138 for more information.