Rentokil Pest Control Singapore goes “paperless”

Enhancing customer experience- Rentokil Pest Control Singapore has launched the Pest ServiceTrak, an innovation to replace paper-based service reports with a smart phone application to capture service data. It is designed to automate, accelerate and digitalised service reports and documentations in a seamless and robust manner.

In an effort to enhance customers’ service experience and promote communication and process efficiency, ServiceTrak serves as a service differentiation to optimise information system and service standards. Rentokil Initial also takes pride in embracing corporate social responsibility culture, by going “paperless”, besides innovating pest solutions that are environmentally-friendly.

Being a leader in pest control Singapore, value-add customers have been our key service priority. We understand transparency and ease of monitoring form an important part of our customer needs. Security and confidentiality are treated with importance, where the system is designed with multi-layer security features and assured of full confidentiality of customers’ information and account details, including digital signature.

Operational efficiency and possible disruptions are well considered in the process. Information system is seamlessly synchronised and integrated to ensure all service requests are digitalised and delivering efficiency smoothly.

Find out more on ServiceTrak facility at [email protected] or call +6563478138 for further clarification with Rentokil pest control.

Download the Pest ServiceTrak FAQs here.