Dr Chan’s Feature with Inside Magazine on Pest Management

Keeping the critters away- Termites, ants and cockroaches are common pests you would typically find in tropics Singapore. With the favorable weather conditions and your homes possibly a great invitation for their food, water and shelter needs, invasion chances by these pests are high.

Daily, we use the doors at home yet would you notice the differences when your door starts to become too tight in its closing and opening? Well, that could be one sign that your home is infested with a termite colony!

As Dr Chan mentions in the article: “…if your neighbour has a history of termite infestation, there’s a high chance your house will have it as well…”

Carpenter Ants are briefly mentioned in the interview as well for their damaging tunneling activities, thus potentially destroying structures, furniture and landscapes.

A pest of poor hygiene, Cockroaches are so flat they can enter your homes through crack and crevices. They also eat almost anything from food scraps, grease, and glue to even books!

Pest control tips are later introduced in the article by Dr Chan for termites, ants and cockroaches.

Termites in Singapore Homes

  • Have a thorough inspection, regular monitoring done by a professional pest control company to help detect presence of termites early.
  • Learn to identify termites by its straight antenna and equal pair of wings. Read more on signs of termites here.

Ants in Singapore Homes

  • Restrict food consumptions to the kitchen area only.
  • Store all foods in proper tight containers
  • Seal gaps and wipe up spills immediately. Discover Ants at Home today!

More useful housekeeping tips are later introduced in the last part of the article for Cockroaches. In Singapore, many home owners also resort to using DIY methods to repel pests such as cockroaches! Using pandan leaves is one of the more popular choices which seem to work in repelling cockroaches. Is this really true or is that just a local pest myth? Find out your answer here.