COVID-19 Service Update From Rentokil Initial Singapore

Dear Valued Customers,

In these difficult times, we will like to reassure you that Rentokil Initial Singapore is working hard to continue to provide you with the essential Pest Control and Hygiene services we know you rely on to keep you, your family, your business, your staff and your customers protected and safe.

It is our intention to keep you updated on how we are managing the COVID-19 situation. In terms of ensuring our employees’ safety, all staffs are required to undergo mandatory temperature taking twice daily with QR Code Tracking, full compliance to travel advisory and stringent adherence to stay-home-notice and medical leave in Singapore. All employees are adhering to telecommuting and social distancing compliances as stipulated by the regulatory. Rentokil Initial Singapore exercises zero-tolerance policy concerning Health and Safety.

With recent update on the COVID-19 situation addressed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 3 Apr, covering non-dining in at food establishments, home-based learning for all education sectors, commercial offices to closed for use unless otherwise listed in the Essential Services. Rentokil Initial will like to confirm our services listed under essential services.

Water, Waste, Environment

  • Potable Water, NEWater and Industrial Water supply, collection and treatment of used water, management of storm water
  • Supply of chemicals, equipment, material, spare parts and services to PUB for the above
  • Supply of labour for operation and maintenance of process and systems for PUB
  • Waste Collection & Disposal services (e.g. waste collection, disposal facilities)
  • Funeral-Related Services (e.g. funeral directors/undertakers, crematoria, columbarium, funeral parlours)
  • Environmental Hygiene Monitoring & Public Cleansing Services (e.g. cleaning, disinfection, environmental research on COVID-19)
  • Markets and cooked food centre management (e.g. cleaning and maintenance)
  • Vector Control Services (e.g. Pest control, fumigation, research on vector control)
  • Pollution Control & Monitoring Services (e.g. Toxic & Biohazardous waste management)
  • Meteorological Services
  • Radiation Monitoring & Control Services (e.g. maintenance of healthcare related irradiation equipment X-ray, CT scans)

Importance of enhancing your health and safety with adequate vector control services

In addition, we will like to reinforce the importance of maintaining your current vector control services particularly around the following to list a few:

  • Food safety among food establishments to avoid food contamination
  • Dengue control with the rise of dengue cases in Singapore
  • Common pests such as cockroaches and flies that cause salmonella
  • Termite protection that ensures structure stability and home safety
  • Fumigation services for your imports and exports
  • Protect from diseases caused by rats such as leptospirosis

Rentokil Initial offers surface sanitisation and disinfection service to keep you safe

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Rentokil Initial performs surface sanitisation and disinfection services to remove bacteria and viruses effectively with up to 30-day protection. It is able to withstand daily cleaning regime, and it is essential to optimise your surface sanitisation standards at this stage.

Thank you for your continuous support as we go through these difficult times together. We are confident we can get through this together during this pandemic. Please reach out to your representative should you have any further questions or concerns.