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Luminos Pro 1 - Affordable and effective fly trap is now available

Be it at a restaurant, kitchen, pantry, café or any food preparation area, flies are pest that both business owners and customers would not want to come into contact with. Besides causing food contamination, potential business closure or negative brand image, the implication of pest infestation can be detrimental.

What’s unique and effective with the new Luminos Pro 1?
Luminos 1 pro


460mm x 240mm x 110mm

  • Effective catch rate with a 40m2 coverage
  • Utilizing 36W UV lamp for quality attraction
  • Discreet, unobtrusive design, modern looking
  • Safe and hygienic, no pesticides or flying insect fragments
  • Ease of installation (can be wall mount, sited on flat surface or secure with brackets)
  • Fulfills legal, health and safety requirements

Business and location suitability

Luminos 1 bakery


We understand the running cost of an F&B or SME business can be costly in Singapore, which is why Rentokil developed an in-house technology and innovation to suit your budget needs, while protecting your food business.

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