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Digitalised Rat Trap Innovation (Rodent Intensive Control)

With rising urbanisation and shift of facility landscape and architecture design, rodent control has become a rising problem faced in Singapore. Rodents have adapted well to the human environment where there are presences of food, water and shelter. Due to its high agility, detecting rodents at hard to reach spaces are challenging, and with its fast, high reproduction nature, an infestation gets out of control quickly.

Can an ordinary rat trap do its job well in today’s rat control?

The public concern and social news media are trending on rodents’ activities recently. Businesses have to protect their brand reputation and to prevent financial loss due to a rat infestation.


Rentokil Singapore recommends our latest digitalised rat trap innovation- a condo multi trap, HACCP compliance rodent intensive control solution using natural food bait seeds to control heavy infestation at outdoor areas. The rat trap includes a 5 steps ladder with food baits to lure the rodents and an external dial to indicate the number of rodents being caught in a discreet manner. The sensing capability activates the trap only when triggered due to rodent presence. Anti-putrefaction liquid in the trap promotes hygiene and odour control. The trap offers efficiency and efficacy benefits as it has the capacity of trapping up to 20 rodents continuously at one time.

Tips: What You Should Do in a Rat Infestation

#1 Do not try to trap the rats by yourself. Rodents’ bites, urine, faeces and saliva can transmit diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonella to humans. Engage a professional pest control company in Singapore to advise on the various control solutions.

#2 Ensure diligent housekeeping and sanitation. Food waste, food preparation, disposals, housekeeping, cleanliness and bulky items should be discarded or taken care of. All food should be stored and kept in air-tight containers, refrigerator and cabinets.

#3 Seal all entry points. Cracks and crevices have to be sealed properly. Rodents can squeeze through a 1cm gap into a building. Adequate access openings to false ceilings should be provided to facilitate pest control inspection. There has to be replacement of damaged bins and fittings such as ceiling panels, floor trap covers.

#4 Practice good pest management practices. Effective rodent control is a collaborative effort from all stakeholders such as food operators, tenants, landlords and pest control services providers.

Follow up on findings and corrective actions stated in the pest control service reports. Remove all loose items such as food stuff, crockery, cutlery, electrical appliances and personal items from cabinets and shelves during servicing to facilitate pest inspections and treatment. Find out more about Rentokil Rodent Intensive Control Digitalised Innovation today!