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New Ways to Deal with Mosquitoes

Fog them

One of the most common and most popular ways to deal with mosquitoes is to fog them. Fogging not only helps to eliminate flying adult mosquitoes, by physically removing presence of adult mosquitoes, it helps prevent risks of getting bitten. 

Engaging in weekly or monthly water-based fogging services is a green way to ensure the adult mosquito population is in control.

Trap them

The second most popular way to deal with mosquito is, having to trap them. Mosquito traps are aplenty everywhere. You can find them in supermarkets, online e-stores and in your local hardware small shop.

Trapping mosquito, outdoor or indoor, provides additional protection from flying mosquitoes that may potentially be looking for a blood meal feed in order to lay eggs.

Mosquito traps are even getting clever in its own way; one of them being able to release a mosquito attractant to mimic the human scent, thus trapping them more easily. 

Repel them

Yes, why not start first with the easiest- repel them? Probably one of the most underrated ways to deal with mosquitoes; many people have their own ways to avoid mosquitoes.

A natural repellent using lemongrass, which consists of citronella oil, is a natural ingredient capable of reducing mosquito landing by around 40%!

Yet, is this true? And how effective, safe and natural can lemongrass help to repel mosquitoes?

Read here to find out: Is Lemongrass the Most Effective Mosquito Repellent?

But… lure them?

Yes, you heard it right. Lure them? Maybe it’s one of the last things you will do to prevent and avoid mosquitoes; do you really want to lure mosquitoes?

Today, innovation and technology has enabled luring mosquitoes to be part of a form of pest control and vector control.


In2Care (view video below) is a new and green mosquito trap innovation targeting 2 life stages of the mosquito. Adult mosquitoes are lured to deposit eggs in the trap. The eggs hatch into larvae and the larvae gets eliminated when turned into pupae.

Mosquitoes which get into the trap’s contact will also carry active ingredients with them, which eventually eliminate them in 7 to 14 days. Before that, the mosquitoes also go around looking for new sites and they can contaminate and eliminate the larvae within these new breeding grounds.

Key features and benefits:

  • Targeted control for breeding sites
  • Effective against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes
  • Green and sustainable with low-toxicity ingredients used
  • Continuous and consistent control in mosquito breeding

In2Care Safety Note: In2Care is safe for mammals, but toxic to aquatic pets (i.e. spillage into ponds); and also toxic to all insects. Thereby, professional engagement is important to safely provide expertise and knowledge to recommend suitable locations to place the trap. 

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