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Smart Control Method: Leveraging on Mosquito Behaviour

The In2Care Mosquito Trap leverages on the typical behaviour of adult female mosquitos to deliver the lavicide that effectively kills both adult mosquitoes and larvae. A water-filled container attracts adult female mosquito when they are ready to lay their eggs. When the mosquito enters the trap, it lands on the floater treated with In2Mix and gets infected with these biocides. It will lay a batch of eggs in the trap, but these will never develop into adult mosquitoes as they are killed by the larvicide in the water.

Reduces both adult mosquitoes and larvae population

On the other hand, the infected adult female is allowed to fly out of the trap to continue its search for new breeding sites. However, it is now carrying the larvicide powder that it will spread to all surrounding breeding sites that it visits.

In this way, female mosquitoes control larval development in surrounding breeding sites up to 400 metre square around the trap. Eventually, the infected adult female mosquito is slowly killed by the larvicide that causes her to be less able to bite. It will die within 7 to 14 days.

Watch the video below to learn more about how In2care Mosquito Trap can benefit you.


A smart control method: Let mosquitoes do the mosquito control for you

The effective control of mosquito breeding sites surrounding the trap reduces the mosquito population. It prevents the emergence of new mosquitoes from breeding sites and therefore helps to continuously and consistently control mosquitoes around your home.

smart control mosquito control

Key features and benefits

  • Targeted control for breeding sites
  • Effective against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes
  • Green and sustainable with low-toxicity ingredients used
  • Reduces both adult mosquitoes and larvae population
  • Effectively spreads larvicide to mosquito breeding sites surrounding the trap
  • Stops the growth of new larvae and mosquitoes surrounding the trap
  • Continuous and consistent control in mosquito breeding

A professional pest control solution

Speak with an expert in pest control to discuss more on how you can benefit from this smart control method for your mosquito control today!

In2Care Safety Note: In2Care is safe for mammals, but toxic to aquatic pets (i.e. spillage into ponds); and also toxic to all insects. Therefore, professional engagement is important to safely provide expertise and knowledge to recommend suitable locations to place the trap.

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